Unhealthy Noodles No More – Why You Must Try The Youmee Noodles?


We have all grown up eating the common instant noodles that we have found to be so unhealthy. It lacks nutrients and just fills you up with empty calories. What could be a better alternative to that? We can't think of getting those noodles from our diet but we still want something healthy without a compromise on the taste and flavour. Wondering where to look? You needn't go any further because we have the answer to your question. Youmee Instant Noodles is a brand new entrant in the market that makes cooking healthy meals an easy process. It is also redefining the current "unhealthy" image of the instant noodle. So, what makes it different, what factors that contribute to the uniqueness of Youmee when compared to other instant noodles? Read on to find out!


Contains natural ingredients

Unlike the common commercial instant noodles, Youmee redefines the image of instant noodles in a healthier way. How? It is absolutely devoid of MSG, preservatives, additives, colouring, and artificial ingredients. Yes, you read that right! Youmee is composed of just flour, salt and water and no health-damaging chemicals. Thus your quest for a healthy diet is solved, you can now easily dish out healthy home-cooked meals in a jiffy without worrying about the contents!


Rich in protein

Youmee's instant noodles are healthy not just because it has no artificial ingredients, but also contains adequate protein for your daily needs. Want to find out the big secret? Here it is – Youmee noodles are made with high protein flour as the main ingredient. So you see, there is no compromise on health when it comes to taste. Apart from this, the noodles are scrutinised at each stage of the production process by using the ramen technique which is to ensure that each noodle cake produced conforms to the high standards maintained by Youmee Noodles.


Use of air-drying process

While many commercial instant noodles are fried to give it that signature crunchy texture, Youmee noodles are made using ramen technique whereby the noodles are air-dried to give it a smooth, chewy and springy texture. This gives you a smooth and amazing texture in your mouth making it all the more irresistible. Although, air-drying is a time-consuming process, it gives the best results. Most significantly, it contains 0% cholesterol.


Sauces are ready-made and conveniently packed

Just like Youmee instant noodles, the sauces are all-natural as well. In order to do away with the hassle of opening multiple packets and seasonings, Youmee's sauces are ready-made and come in one ready-to-eat packet to help the customer easily cook it. To make it stand out among the different commercial instant noodles available in the market, Youmee provides Thai green curry as one of the flavours which is uncommon in the market. Thus giving the noodle a new dimension as well as a reason for consumers to choose this brand!. The sauce is a secret concoction, it is cooked and pasteurised before it is sealed. Once sealed, it lasts up to 12 months.


Suitable for everyone

Youmee also offers the regular plain instant noodles if you intend to create your own recipe. Now, you can customise the noodle either as one that is tossed dry with soy sauce or in a hearty soup, cook it to your fancy! Moreover, it's certified by JAKIM as Halal which makes it accessible for a vast population in our country!


In a nutshell, Youmee is a healthy instant noodle that is made with natural ingredients, provides the required amount of proteins you need daily, it is cholesterol-free and has a ready-made and easy-to-use sauce inside the package! Last but not the least; it is suitable for everyone to enjoy! So grab a pack of Youmee Instant Noodle today!





Li Wen

by Li Wen

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