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Q: Can you share with the readers what does X-Doc and GetDoc do? What inspired you to start the company?

Dr.Lim: The X in X-Doc stands for Exponential Medicine, a field of medicine where we break down all walls and work across silos with different professional in the field of healthcare, life sciences, biomedicine and more. This concept originated from Silicon Valley. At X-Doc, our ultimate goal is to create disease-free communities in Malaysia, Asia and beyond, starting with our first component of proactive healthcare.

We are developing a mobile app that can bring a visiting healthcare professional to your desired location. This mobile app also has a news feed feature for latest health and medical news updates, and the ability for your and your visiting doctor to store medical information and history of yours and your family’s health in it. This measure guarantees a continuity of care where no matter which doctor sees you later, he or she can understand and treat you better based on the history you provide.

My grandfather died 10 years ago because of complications of diabetes when I was a 2nd year medical student. One of the limitations we faced was the difficulty of logistics to get him medical care. This has spurred me towards the direction of bringing back good old house call visits doctor and with the technology made available to us, we can make this whole business model more efficient for both the healthcare provider and the users.

Jerry: GetDoc is a platform that connects patients to doctors in easier and smarter way. Patients can now search, select and book doctors nearby them using our location based mobile application and web applications.

Imagine if you are sick today, and you have to drive around to search for clinics, but to find every clinic is closed. If you found an open clinic, the line is usually very long. I’m sure the experience is frustrating as you are already feeling unwell. With GetDoc, you can make appointment with doctor on-the-go. Just show up and the clinic and you will get treated!

Back in year 2013, my father was diagnosed with the last stage of colon cancer.

Even though I was a medical supplier for the past 5 years, to get the right doctor at such short notice was challenging and stressful. I had witnessed my father hopping from one hospital to another just to get the good reliable doctor, not to say how much time he spent to wait for the doctor. There were very little information that I could find. That's when I thought I want to start changing the system to deliver better healthcare experience to the world.

Q: How do you ensure that the quality of doctors of X-Doc?


Dr Lim Geng Yan

Dr. Lim: All our doctors go through a stringent screening process, fulfilling no less than 11 criteria before being selected on board. Having a face-to-face interview and ensuring that these doctors have all valid practicing license and documentation are just the 2 basic steps of screening we do. The quality of care is our utmost priority, therefore practitioners that do not deliver up to standard quality of healthcare will not be allowed to continue their services. An example of one of our 11 criteria is for our doctors to have completed 3 years of practicing experience before joining up with us to provide services.

Q: Why did you choose to collaborate with each other? 

Dr. Lim: GetDoc’s goal of democratizing healthcare and improving the process of seeking healthcare services for the general public really resonates with us. We share the sentiment of making healthcare accessible and available to the general public! On a grander scale, we hope through this strategic collaboration, we can contribute towards making the healthcare system more sustainable.

Jerry: GetDoc aims to deliver better healthcare experience to the world. X-Doc is sharing the same vision and mission with GetDoc. It feels like love at first sight during our first meeting with each other. LOL! We certainly foresee that the collaboration can bring more benefits to the public.

Q: What is the role of X-Doc in GetDoc & Gribbles health screening campaign?

Dr. Lim: We specialize in on-site health services. Any GetDoc users that would like to get the health screening done at their desired location can use our collaborative services. Find out more by contacting us!

Q: Lastly, what X-Doc hopes to achieve in next 5 to 10 years?

Dr. Lim: Personally, my crazy dream is to see a world free of diseases. Even if we do not witness this happening in our lifetimes, we hope to at least lay the foundations for our future generations.

As a company, we do see ourselves collaborating with different companies that share similar sentiments in order to create a sustainable healthcare system for the benefits of many. We want to execute our 4 strategies of proactive healthcare, health surveillance, preventive and personalized healthcare, and achieve exponential collaboration across platforms.

Someone asked me about exit strategy, which I replied with this quote:
“Don't start a company unless it's an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it's not an obsession.” -- Mark Cuban

As long as the healthcare ecosystem is not optimized, we do not have an exit strategy.

Jerry Hang

Jerry Hang, founder of GetDoc asked, why wait while sick?

Jerry: GetDoc will successfully create a complete health eco-system. Patients no need to wait in line to get right doctor or right treatment. There are more people start taking charge of their health. This is a dream, but certainly we all can achieve that! That is what my team and I strongly believe in.












If you need a doctor to visit to your house, kindly call +603-80512285 / 0164113669 (also available for whatsapp).

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by Qian

Qian's interest in healthcare industry came about after her father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. This experience has led her to become a strong believer in empowering individuals to take charge of their own health. View all articles by Qian.


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