Researchers discover a TRICK to control DIABETES


The lemon can do wonders on so many things. Just by adding warm water with some juice every morning can help with digestion, cleanse unwanted toxic waste from your body, clear the skin, give a boost on your immune system and the list goes on. But I’m not here to talk about the glory of the lemon fruit, but something we often overlook; the lemon zest.

What is this lemon zest?

It may sound a little fancy-schmancy but lemon zest is really just the skin/peel of the lemon. We often just squeeze the juice out of the fruit and throw the skin away but let’s stop doing that from now on and use it for something else. Want to know why? Read on…


How can lemon zest be useful?

According to Japanese and Korean researchers, they found that the poly-phenol content in lemon peels helps to improve insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition whereby cells respond to the action of insulin hormone. Lemon peel also lowers the breakdown of glucose in the liver and even suppresses the metabolism of the sugar, meaning that it stops new glucose being produced in the liver.

In simpler terms, lemon zest prevents the extra production of sugar in your body. Thus it can help keep diabetes risk at bay. (add if u think it will be easier to connect the dots for readers)


Where can we use lemon zest?

There are several ways to include lemon zest in our diet. It not only helps in improving the flavour but also enhances the taste of food. One method you can try is to grate fresh lemon and sprinkle them on salads. You can even use lemon zest in marinating chicken or even fish to trigger its anti-diabetic properties. Boost the taste of curry by adding a teaspoon or two of lemon zest during the preparation would do wonders as well.

diabetes control

Adding lemon zest in your curry preparation may do you good things. Image source

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