7 Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy – World Heart Day


The heart is the epicentre of the cardiovascular system in our body. It is crucially responsible for almost everything that keeps your body moving and alive, right from oxygen transport till the working of the immune system successfully. The overall health of the heart and the cardio-vascular system can be affected by the foods that we eat and the amount of physical activity we do.

Some factors that can affect the heart include:

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one factor that needs to be regular kept in check and regulated in order to keep an eye on the health of your heart. Hypertension or high blood pressure can be on the receiving end due to your body weight, especially if you are on the higher end of the scale. Excess fat present in the body leads to an increase in the amount of work your heart does in order to pump blood all through the body. The more work your heart does, the higher is the pressure on the arterial walls and this can lead to increased risk of blood vessel damage.

Blood Cholesterol Level

Keeping blood cholesterol under check is also essential to keep your heart healthy. Doing so will reduce your risk for any heart attack, heart disease or even stroke. As we all know LDL or bad cholesterol is bad for the heart – it is found in foods rich in saturated fat, such as animal protein. Increased consumption of LDL will lead to build up of cholesterol in the blood stream and results in formation of a hard plaque. This plaque then makes it increasingly difficult for blood to move around the affected arteries, thereby putting you at higher risk of cardiovascular damage.


Keeping your heart healthy also helps to ensure proper blood circulation. Good blood circulation is essential in order to transport oxygen and also nutrients to the different cells in the body. In the absence of proper circulation, it will result in death of tissues and this can lead to amputations or even death, depending on the type of  tissue that are affected by lack of oxygen.

This World Heart Day, we have compiled this infographic that will help you learn a few tips on how you can keep your heart healthy. It needs to keep beating for us to stay alive, take care of your heart.


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Li Wen

by Li Wen

Seeing people fall sick easily nowadays, causing Liwen began to concern her own health. Once she realized the importance of healthcare, she started her journey to seek for any health information and wish to inspire more people to take good care of their body. View all articles by Li Wen.


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