The Cosmetic Surgery Debate: To Do or Not To Do?


An issue that spans divided opinions among the society.

Cosmetic surgery has always been a taboo among people, not so much on conducting the procedures itself but rather the topic being breached upon in the first place. It is quite rare for us to see someone walking down the street and go like “yeah I just fixed my nose last month” openly and talk like there’s nothing wrong with it. It is true, there is honestly nothing wrong with talking about plastic surgery. We all know how South Korea is known as a nation that is saturated with the expertise of cosmetic surgeries but such practice is actually quite common among our surroundings. The reality is however, people do not want to talk about it for the fear that they are being judged as “fake” or not “loving themselves.” There are several opinions on whether cosmetic surgery is perceived as a good thing or not.

Resorting to cosmetic surgery can be essentially a beneficial move.

So let’s take a look in the point of view of people who agree with resorting to plastic surgery with the first reason being for the sake of confidence. When one is well-dressed and looked their best, there is this sense of self-accomplishment that gives them more confidence to themselves. Even from the eye of others, someone who looks good from the outside would create a good first impression. So at the end of the day, it is a moral booster for us because we are at our best form of presenting ourselves.

Cosmetic surgery may be necessary too at some point by people looking out for jobs. In terms of job applications in South Korea, where appearance is everything in the society; it is actually a thing whereby some companies require profile photos in resumes and being physically appealing itself gets you a higher likelihood of getting hired. Even cosmetic companies are now targeting the men of South Korea due to them being the world’s top per-capita consumers of skin products. Euromonitor also stated that this shocking amount is four times more than the runner up, Denmark.

From a morale point of view, getting cosmetic surgery is part of the freedom of expression. Putting ourselves in the perspective of a consumer, all we want to do is to look better. It’s like a do it now or never concept where if we do not make the best of our lives today, will we get the chance to do so in the future? The world today is slowly opening its views on sensitive issues with more and more people starting to venture beyond our comfort zones. If we want to look better for ourselves, what authority do other people have in telling us what to do? It’s our life anyway, right? Love yourself!


learn to love yourself by doing cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery may bring negative arguments as well.

Since these issues are highly debatable there is bound to be opinions which will clash and oppose the practice of cosmetic surgery. First of all, there is a possibility of people getting obsessed or influenced into wanting to look as beautiful or handsome as the actors they see on the television. A good example would be Tobias Strebel who is more known as the guy who spent $100,000 on surgeries to look like Justin Bieber. His life did change around, getting recognition and being called on shows. Ultimately he was more known for being the “Bieber look-alike” rather than the person he truly is.

Secondly, cosmetic surgeries may appeal negatively in a way as a solution to people’s insecurities. Showbiz has badly affected the perspective of beauty and bring it on a higher scale, causing people to feel smaller about them. Seeking cosmetic surgery basically “helps” people to look better at the same time encourages people to do it thus further motivating their patients into conforming to the unrealistic expectations of the beauty standard. In the pursuit for profit, cosmetic-related businesses may try to create a “need” to look beautiful in order to gain customers.


Beauty Is Subjective

Finally, we look into the morality point of view once again. Cosmetic surgery is just a tool that drives us away from realizing our inner beauty. There are some people who resorted to surgery as a result of the pressure from the society or the need for acceptance. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is subjective and different for every individual so we should realize and appreciate it. Why bother conforming to the norm? With such expectations that one must be at a certain criteria to be considered as handsome of beautiful, there are many who forget that physical appearance is not everything. Beauty is skin deep. You may look good on the outside but what does that do if you’re nasty and evil on the inside?

In conclusions, there are several ways of perceiving whether cosmetic surgery is necessary or not. Everyone has a different judgement to what is “beautiful” to them so we are in no power to tell people how to look or behave in a certain manner. If a person wants to have surgery or chooses to stay natural, that’s their choice.

What do you think about cosmetic surgery? I personally support such practice as long as it is done in moderation. Let me know what you think!



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