SPILL THE TEA! 6 types of tea choices beyond your teh tarik


Having intolerance to all sorts of food, it seems that my palette gradually becomes limited adding to my already picky food habits. Aside from food, I am also quite picky with drinks; which brings me to today’s topic on something I really enjoy: tea! The act of “spilling the tea” is not meant to be taken literally; it’s a slang among the internet users on twitter to refer it as a “gossip” or “truth” so here I am taking this opportunity to introduce to you 6 wonderful teas you should consider giving a try – as well as to enjoy the benefits that comes with it!

The coloured tea that pleases not only your eyes, but your taste buds too!


  1. Green tea


Image from http://www.teamajesty.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Chinese-Tea-benefits.jpg

Let’s start out with the household type of tea. I guess many of you may already have consumed this at Japanese eateries or even drink them at home on a daily basis. The green tea is known by many for its various benefits. Green tea contains a high level of antioxidant and has been found to help drinkers to lose weight. Drinking this tea also helps with the prevention of breast, lung and even stomach cancer. Aside from that, one of its many other benefits also includes lowering down cholesterol levels. Additionally, green tea also helps to combat bad breath – something delicious to drink and improves your oral hygiene. How useful is that!


  1. Black tea

Image from http://www.beauty24store.com/uploaded/misc/images/blacktea4-600-x-402.jpg

Image from http://www.beauty24store.com/uploaded/misc/images/blacktea4-600-x-402.jpg

Black tea are sourced similarly from green tea, with the addition of it being furthered matured and processed to create a darker colour. Black tea contains a low caffeine concentration which is good for blood circulation. Unlike its green counterpart, black tea does not possess antioxidants since it was all eliminated during the processing. A cup of this lovely tea daily helps to hydrate the body and moisture your skin as well. Even after drinking this tea, do not throw the bags just yet! Store them in the fridge and use them later to reduce puffiness in your eyes.


  1. White tea

Image from https://sites.create-cdn.net/siteimages/36/4/9/364983/94/5/8/9458601/425x282.jpg?1420194032

Image from https://sites.create-cdn.net/siteimages/36/4/9/364983/94/5/8/9458601/425x282.jpg?1420194032

No, I’m not trying to go through all the colour wheels for tea. White comes from the buds of the same plant that produces both green and black tea. It was given the name due to the nature of its fine whitish hairs on the unopened buds of the plant. The beverage itself is light in colour and taste. White tea contains the highest amount of antioxidants and provides an anti viral and antibacterial effect to the consumer.


Not into the colouring palette? Try some exotic herbal tea instead!


  1. Ginger tea

Image from archive.indianexpress.com

Image from archive.indianexpress.com

Ginger tea is one of my favourite types of tea. I never knew such tea existed until I saw Lady Gaga drinking it on a TV interview and I have to say it is definitely a must try! It has a little ‘spicy’ sensation to every gulp but ends it with a very refreshing feeling to your throat. The consumption of ginger tea may help in eliminating excess wind in your body and is perfect for people who suffer cold as it leaves a warm feeling in your body as well. Drinking ginger flavoured tea after a heavy meal can help with combating nausea too.


  1. Rose Hip tea

Image obtained from twice.hu

Image obtained from twice.hu

Rose hip is the fruit that comes from a rose. These hips are picked up after the petals have fallen off. A lesser known fact of such flower is that rose hips contain as much as 50% more vitamin C in comparison to oranges. One tablespoon of the pulp has already provided an average adult more than sufficient amount of vitamin recommended to be consumed. The diuretic and laxative content in rose hip tea helps to relieve adrenal functions such as kidney disorders as well as aiding in constipation.


  1. Peppermint tea

Image from www.telegraph.co.uk

Image from www.telegraph.co.uk

I consume peppermint tea on a daily basis now with a little infusion of the lemongrass flavour thanks to the refreshing feeling it gives off upon consumption. For people like me who have sensitive sleeping patterns, this is the kind of tea that I enjoy as it does not have caffeine. Due to its cooling properties gained from the leaves which is similar to menthol, it helps to reduce fever as well as inflammation suffered by the drinker. I would personally recommend drinking this, especially when you’re living in a hot climate area like Malaysia!


Do you have a special tea preference that isn’t being mentioned above? Feel free to share them so we could all appreciate the wonders of tea!




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