Single Incision Laparoscopy


Performing advanced gynaecological surgery through only one small cut using high definition real time video for sharper imaging and state of the art instruments for precise tissue handling and cutting.  The single cut gives less pain, faster recovery and almost invisible scarring with certain surgeries done as a day procedure, not requiring hospital admission.

What is Single Incision Laparoscopy and how is it done?

Single Incision Laparoscopy, or Single Port Surgery / Scarless Laparoscopy, is the latest and more advanced form of key hole surgery. Major surgery is done with only ONE cut (of 2cm) at the umbilicus. This new technique is possible with state of the art surgical technology and advanced surgical skill. A special port (called the single incision port) is placed at the umbilicus incision to allow multiple instruments to perform surgery within the abdomen. This form of surgery is also called scarless surgery as there are no other cuts on the abdomen, with the only cut at the umbilicus eventually shrinking to become an inconspicuous fold.

Dr Anthony Siow is the first gynaecologist in Singapore to perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Single Incision Laparoscopic Myomectomy. He also performed the first Single Incision Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

What surgeries can be done?

Single Incision Laparoscopy is possible for conditions that are not too large or severe like

  • ovarian cyst removal (Cystectomy)

  • fibroid removal (Myomectomy)

  • womb removal (hysterectomy)

  • fertility investigation (hydrotubation)

  • sterilization procedure (ligation / salpingectomy)

  • ovarian cancer risk reduction (prophylactic oophorectomy)

As every patient and condition is different, it is prudent that a detailed consultation and physical examination be done to determine the feasibility of Single Incision Laparoscopy.

What are the benefits of Single Incision Laparoscopy?

The main benefits are:

  • Less pain from smaller cuts (1-2cm) as compared to traditional surgery of 10cm incision

  • Less infection and surgical wound breakdown

  • Less adhesion formation (post surgery internal scar) and a better fertility potential

  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay

  • Less scarring and excellent aesthetic result especially for Single Incision Laparoscopy / Scarless Laparoscopy

How will I feel after the Laparoscopic surgery?

When you awake from surgery, you may feel some sore throat, drowsiness and nausea from the anesthesia. Occasionally, your tummy may feel bloated from the surgery. Infrequently there may be backache or shoulder tip pain from the surgery washing. These symptoms will resolve shortly and generally disappear after 24-48hrs.


Do you have any queries on this topic? Leave us a message in the comments section. To book an appointment with Dr Anthony Siow, click here

Dr Anthony Siow

by Dr Anthony Siow

Senior Consultant Obstetrician | Gynaecologist | Laparoscopic Surgeon View all articles by Dr Anthony Siow.


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