Sick? Get a doctor.

Pregnant? Get a doctor.

Fever? Get a doctor.

Toothache? Get a dentist.

A New Doctor Booking Mobile App in Singapore Makes Life Much Easier

Technology has made life easier in novel ways. From having your groceries delivered to hitching a taxi ride from an app — what about booking a doctor’s appointment? The age-old bugbear in the patient’s medical experience in Singapore is yet to be resolved: insufferable long wait times. The GetDoc App is your next tech tool to make your healthcare experience a whole lot easier and better for everyone.

 Trust in a doctor runs much deeper, simply because it concerns our health. With doctor’s profiles and reviews, GetDoc helps you make the right decision for your treatment and book your appointment in the same app.

3 Easy Steps to Book a Doctor's Appointment in Singapore Now!

With just a few clicks, you get to reduce waiting time, find easy access to the right healthcare treatment, match to your insurance plans – anytime, anywhere.

Search – Reach a medical professional in a few clicks

No matter what is your search concern, we’ve got you covered. You can search based on location, availability, type of specialist and insurance coverage.


Select – Decide based on doctor's profiles meeting your needs

To select, you can look through doctor’s qualifications, experience, special skills and expertise.


Book – Get an appointment secured to reduce wait time

With GetDoc, you’ll be able to make instant bookings with your preferred clinic, searching from over 4,000 doctors in Singapore

Say Goodbye to Long Wait Times

Ever wondered why people who need medical attention in Singapore are expected to wait in discomfort, even with so many clinics in central districts and neighbourhood areas? With the launch of this patient-centric booking app, this is beginning to change. The control is in your hands.

Our App Features Include: Location, Specialisation, Insurance Type

Our app allows you to find the nearest clinic in Singapore with a simple interface. No time is wasted sorting through traditional medical directories. Book your doctor appointment straight from the GetDoc app!

All our bookings are kept in an easy-to-read calendar format and our app sends you timely reminders. You can even keep a log of medical visits for useful reference of medical appointments.

Our app breaks things down according to specific medical fields such as, gynecology, surgeons, orthopaedic specialists, dermatologists, physiotherapists and chiropractic and much more.

We’ve got clinics listed based on their insurance coverage. You’ll be able to find the listings for CHAS, AIA, AXA, Aviva, Alliance, PrudentialPanel Clinics, Fullerton Healthcare and more.

The GetDoc's Story

Founded with an aim to empower everyone to manage their own healthcare, we envision an all-in-one app with a user-centric interface to take personal health care matters in control.

We ask ourselves — what makes up an unpleasant experience at the doctors? Considering every pain point along the way, we’re determined to use the smarts of technology to improve your overall healthcare experience. Essentially, we are building an app that we want to benefit from and help our friends and families around us enjoy a great healthcare experience.