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Q: Can you share with the readers what does Signature Snack and GetDoc do?

A: Signature Snack (www.signaturesnack.com) delivers fresh & healthy snacks direct to consumer via monthly subscription. Signature Snacks bakes and delivers daily with heart so their customers get only the freshest products. Currently they have over 60 varieties and they introduce 5 new snacks a month.

GetDoc is a platform that connects patients to doctors in easier and smarter way. Patients can now search, select and book doctors nearby them using our location based mobile application and web applications.

Imagine if you are sick today, and you have to drive around to search for clinics, but to find every clinic is closed. If you found an open clinic, the line is usually very long. I'm sure the experience is frustrating as you are already feeling unwell. With GetDoc, you can make appointment with doctor on-the-go. Just show up and the clinic and you will get treated!

Edwin Wang, founder of Signature Snack and his Team.

Edwin Wang, founder of Signature Snack and his Team.


Q: How do you think does the collaboration of Signature Snack and GetDoc brings improvements for the life of people? What's the synergy you see in between?

A: Doctors or nutritionist can give amazing advice but it is up to the patient to implement it into their lifestyle. Signature Snack delivers fresh and healthy snacks to fulfil your daily needs of nuts, seeds, dried fruits & oats. Healthy snacking is a lifestyle to keep you healthy and in shape.

GetDoc wants to create a complete health eco system, not just a platform which people will only come to when they are sick. Empowering and educating public about importance of health is part of GetDoc's mission to impact millions of live in this world. GetDoc wants people to take charge of their health by taking necessary steps in preventive healthcare as well, and one of it is healthy lifestyle. Working together with Signature Snacks makes sense

Jerry Hang, founder of GetDoc asked, why wait while sick?

Jerry Hang, founder of GetDoc asked, why wait while sick?

Q: What is the difference to common Snacks you can get in the Supermarket?

A: Signature Snack is fresh baked and uses 100% natural ingredients. Natural handmade goodness delivers to you on a monthly basis. Besides we have 60 flavours that are not available in retail.


Q: What is the biggest advantage for the consumer of Signature Snacks?

A: Nuts and seeds are rich sources of protein, healthy fats and antioxidant. Dried fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Instead of relying on supplements for your vitamins, nothing beats eating natural products.


Q: You are still expanding your range. What are your Snack ideas for the future?

A: We are exploring cookies for kids. Mom wants healthy cookies for their toddler and kids to munch on.

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Jens Behrensen

by Jens Behrensen

German fitness addict sharing my experience and trying to bring a healthier lifestyle to people. View all articles by Jens Behrensen.


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