Rajinikanth Mania – Here’s What You Did Not Know About This Hero!


With the movie being released all over the world, Rajinikanth mania is sweeping Malaysia equally. Last year, the superstar from India had been here for shooting of the film and now that it is available for public viewing in the theatres all over Malaysia, here is something to chew on! now you might be wondering what a medical information blog has got to do with this. Read on to find out! 

For those who don’t know him, he is referred to as the Chuck Norris of India. Fondly called as Thalaivar by his fans, the superstar is a very humble and spiritual person behind the screen.

What he was to what he is

During his youthful days, many of his fans all over the world know that he was a chain smoker. His signature style of flicking the cigarette on to his mouth and it tempted an entire generation to smoke. However, he did kick the butt and has encouraged all his fans to not follow his on-screen persona and mimic such habits. A few years back, when he fell sick, it was said this habit of his had cost him too much on his health and his hospitalization triggered many a Rajinikanth loyalist to quit smoking!

When asked about his regimen in maintaining a fit body and clear mind, he had this to say: “I do yoga, I exercise. I have to be fit. That is my investment. An artiste can only invest his body.”

The other side!

The other side of Rajinikanth you didn't know about is...Rajinikanth is known to be a deeply spiritual person. He often spends lone times meditating in the Himalayas, as long as up to 6 months per year, and stays aloof from media attention.

His current make-up artiste, who has worked with him for a decade, has been quoted as saying he has flawless skin. The superstar also believes a strict diet and meditation are enough to keep him looking and feeling young.

What can we learn from this?

From all these facts, we only have good lessons to take in. Have a look at the list below, made by a health website for its employees. How many can you tick off?

  1. Physical activity - Exercise and physical activity are not only good for you, they're also a fun way to spend time — a chance to unwind, to be outdoors, to get social or to simply do something that makes you happy

  2. Adequate sleep – turn off those smartphones and get a good sleep!

  3. Try something new - Take up gardening, start walking to and from the grocery store, or explore a local farmers market. These are fun ways be more active and explore new foods.

  4. Laugh - Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

  1. Family and friends - Instead of watching television, go bowling or play a game of badminton or table tennis with family and friends or even a swim in the pool should do a whole lot of good.

  2. Address addictive behaviors – like the superstar Rajinikanth who took action on his chain smoking, try to find out what you are addicted to and how much of a negative influence it has on your lifestyle.

  3. Gratitude - Check out what's happening in your community. Are there community fitness classes at local parks, schools or gyms?

So, taking lessons from the superstar himself, a strict diet, regular exercise be it workouts or yoga and meditation will help you mimic the positive image of Rajinikanth himself.

For the uninitiated, God created Heaven and Earth in 6 days, then he rested and created Rajinikanth on the 7th.

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