Pros And Cons Of Bariatric Surgery


So far we have read about Diabesity, the possible solutions for people who are extremely overweight. Bariatric Surgery is a blessing in disguise for people who are looking to lose that excess weight and get on the healthy track before catastrophe strikes.

While the surgery is quite advantageous, there can be a few minor cons resulting because of the surgery. In this post we shall see the positive and negative outcomes of bariatric surgery. As you might have read in our previous post, there are different types of bariatric surgery that can be done depending on you, your physician and other factors.


General Cons:

  1. Leakage of the anastomoses

  2. Some problems are only unpleasant or inconvenient, and may cause some pain and discomfort, such as nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting

  1. Wound infections

  2. Abdominal hernias

Now let us see the pros and cons of each of the surgery types, one by one.


Gastric Band 


Using a band, the stomach’s size is reduced so you feel full sooner.


  • The band can be adjusted or removed.

  • There’s no change to your intestines.

  • You have the lowest risk of vitamin and nutrient shortage.


  • You might lose less weight than with other types of surgery.

  • Follow-up visits to adjust band is needed. There’s also a chance your body won’t adapt to the band.

  • Eventually, you may have to replace or remove the band. 


Gastric Sleeve




  • You’ll lose more weight than the gastric band.

  • There’s no change to your intestines.

  • No bands or foreign objects in the body.


  • Can’t be reversed.

  • Higher risk of surgery-related problems than gastric band.


Gastric Bypass




  • More weight loss than with the gastric band.

  • No surgical insertion of foreign objects inside the body.


  • Difficult to reverse.

  • Higher risk of surgery-related problems than gastric band.


What should one do after the weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery should indeed be the start of a new and healthy lifestyle. To make the most of the surgery and to maximize the results, people should ideally:


  • Break the binge habit

Almost all severely obese people have unhealthy eating habits. A common problem is “binge eating". Post weight loss surgery, you will end up sick if you eat large amounts of food at one sitting. For most of the patients, learning to eat small, frequent meals is a challenge.

  • Eat healthily and take vitamins if recommended

Eat right! Unless you are starving or consuming junk food, you need not necessarily take your vitamin supplements (unless recommended). If this is the case, it can result in serious malnutrition after the weight loss surgery. This can lead to bone disease, low haemoglobin levels (anaemia) and loss of muscle tone.


  • Exercise

Keeping weight off is easier when a person is active and indulges in regular physical activity. In addition, exercise reduces the possibility of many diseases, including cancer and heart disease. In order to maintain weight loss in the long term, exercise is essential.


Such profound changes in lifestyle don't happen in a jiffy or easily for most people. Commitment is essential and you could also get in touch with weight loss surgery centres that also offer behavioural counselling programmes that help people make the transition into their new and healthy lifestyle after surgery.


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by Dr Carollyn Kek

M.D (FMSMU), Diploma of Dermatology (Bangkok). Dr. Kek is the practitioner in charge of Klinik Welcare in Seksyen 17 Shah Alam, Selangor. Dr. Kek is committed to not only provide optimal physical care, but also to provide options for clients to cosmetically enhance themselves. View all articles by Dr Carollyn Kek.


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