Have you heard of Dr Pimple Popper? The popular sensation on Reddit


She’s known as Dr Pimple Popper


Disclaimer: Not suitable for the weak-hearted. Preferably not watch the videos if you just had dinner!


Okay, so hold up! This isn’t your typical doctor’s interview post. Rather, I would like to just introduce to you in my latest leisure activity. Now it gets you thinking, what is so special about this doctor that got me devoted into watching her videos for the past weekend? I guess the label “Dr Pimple Popper” gives away the hint.

Image from instagram.com/drsandralee

Image from instagram.com/drsandralee

Dr Sandra Lee is a board-certified dermatologist, skin cancer surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon whom has been in the practice for over ten years. Both her husband and father are dermatologists too. She started out sharing videos of her profession to give a “window into my world” view to the public. Her profession isn’t limited to pimple popping but it has become one of the strange addictions that her viewers, me included are constantly watching her videos.  What started off as a few thousand subscribers on Youtube has rose tremendously into a whooping amount of 646,175 subscribers within a year as I am writing this post! Her Youtube channel features videos of her popping pimples, extracting blackheads, cysts and excising lipomas.

Introduction video:

Pimple popping is just part of her “bread and butter”.

She started off doing TV segments for a while then heading towards posting popping videos before one day it went viral on a popular entertainment and informational site called Reddit which boosted her popularity ever since. These videos are captured with the consent of the patients and were conducted for free with the catch of them allowing her to film and post it  I guess everyone gets fixated towards the pleasure of seeing blackheads and cysts being extracted, it gives off an unexplainable feeling of relief through watching it with a twist of feeling disgusted at the same time. At the end of the day, it keeps making you want more!

Instead of reading long boring essays, let the videos do the talking instead. I'll feature some of my personal favourites but you can find the rest on her Youtube channel!

So what do you think of these videos? Are you planning to watch more?

Nicky Lee

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