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At some point in your life, you might stumble upon some sort of weird-looking flooring in the park or playgrounds. Put your feet on it and you might find a mixture of ticklish or pain. And that might get you wondering why it is even there in the first place.

The Chicken Soup for your Sole

Well these things are called “Reflexology Foot Paths” and they are designed to stimulate the acupressure points on the soles of your feet. It is basically a type of flooring that helps to massage your feet. The points of your feet are connected to various energy meridians of your body. Depending on how healthy you are, these things may cause pain and soreness; the healthier you are the less likely for you to feel much pain on it. But fret not, you will not bleed! These things are actually good for you.

The stones on the flooring can come in different varieties. Some of them can be thick and rounded and some are thinner, both providing different intensities of foot stimulation. Trailing along a foot reflexology path is actually a pleasant experience, with the combinations of benefiting from traditional reflexology, fresh air outdoors and a beautiful view of nature.

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A research done recently by scientists at the Oregon Research Institute has concluded that walking on these surfaces helps in improving balance and physical performances among adults aged 60 and over. These stones also help to lower blood pressure. The research was first sparked when they visited China and noticed how the people of all ages there spend a moment in their lives daily by walking, standing even possibly dancing on these paths. These floorings are in fact very common in China that you can get to find one in parks easily.


Understanding your sole-mate

There are several benefits that one can enjoy if he or she walks on these paths regularly.

  1. Stimulate reflexology areas and pressure points without having to pay for a massage.

  2. Stimulates vital energy and blood circulation in your body

  3. Relieves stress, improves balance and enhances physical/mental well-being

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For readers who want to give this path a try in Malaysia, there is a blog about it on Kek Look Tong Cave in Ipoh where the writer wrote about her personal experience on it.

Have you tried walking on these things before? If no, would you try walking on it?

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