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GetDoc is lucky to have interviewed one kind-hearted doctor who doesn't want others to suffer like how she did. It is also the reason that encourages her to take up the healer role so that she can help others. Read on the interview to find out more!

GetDoc: Why did you choose to go into the medical field?

Dr. Yap: Actually I think I did not choose medical but medical field chose me. As while I was younger, I was always more interested in biology instead of other subjects. Also back then, I thought if I were to be a doctor, I would like to concentrate more on dermatological conditions.


GetDoc: Why were you interested in skin in particular?

Dr. Yap: It’s quite personal because I did suffer from childhood eczema. Since young, I would receive injections from dermatologist to control the acute flare of my condition which I was not even aware of those were actually steroid injections! Back then, I wish I was properly advised and because of what I had experienced in the past, it is now my main principle which I will always conduct a thorough consultation with my patients to really understand their main concerns.  Besides that, I also suffered from adult acne during my houseman-ship years. Since then, I became more interested into various treatments on what I can do for my skin and also hope to help more people who suffer from the similar condition.

Dr. Yap Hae Mun

Dr. Yap Hae Mun sharing with GetDoc team the reason why she started practising medicine

GetDoc: Why did you choose to join M∙A∙C∙ Clinic?

Dr. Yap: Firstly, it is because of the strong historical background of M∙A∙C∙ Clinic as it has been operating since 1996 in Bangsar, since then it became one of the pioneering clinics in Malaysia that offers aesthetic procedures. Besides during my houseman-ship, I already had an inkling of what I want to specialize in, which is Aesthetic medicine. Thus, I told myself that if I were to practise Aesthetic Medicine, I would practise under Malaysia’s finest that is Dr. Hew Yin Keat (my medical director). He is a very good and patient teacher, also one of the most experience aesthetic practitioner in our country.  From his broad knowledge in this field, I manage to learn a lot under his guidance including the skills and techniques on administering treatment.

GetDoc: Do you have to put in a lot of extra effort in order to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine?

Dr. Yap: After graduated medical school, I did my post graduate by obtaining a diploma in dermatology with Australian Institute of Dermatology, an online institute physically based at the John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I also did a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

My previous experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology with the government hospital had certainly helped me in my current job because women often feel more comfortable talking about topics such as breast fillers or vaginal tightening procedures with me.


GetDoc: What drives you to be so focus in your work?

Dr. Yap: Previous bad experience with eczema and acne has compelled me to ensure others do not face the same condition as I did. I also continuously try to seek the best solution to treat such ailments. I do believe in investing time with each of my patients, providing highly personal and professional care. I personally do not agree with doctors presenting creams without proper bottle labeling to patients. I think the patients have the right to know what is in the bottle.

There are also more and more freshly qualified medical officers who resign from the government sector dive into this expanding field and this causes this field to be more competitive. Thus, I consider focusing in delivering safe and dramatic results with the most natural, undetectable artistry in facial rejuvenation and body re-contouring daily as my goal.

I am also very proud of my Medical director who is working hand in hand with the government to prevent unqualified doctors to practise aesthetic medicine.

Nurses in MAC are allowed to conduct hair removal treatment but are disallowed from handling non-ablative or ablative laser machines such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, needles or injections.

We try to manage our clients’ expectations through proper consultations and explanations. We take photos of our clients after their consent so that clients can observe the effect of the treatments on their body.

We do not compete amongst doctors in MAC because we respect clients’ choice in doctors. Every client has his/her preference and we respect that. We, doctors, in MAC, are a family. We have regular meetings to discuss raise any problems or issues. We like to talk it out.


GetDoc: What is your biggest challenge thus far? 

Dr. Yap: It is always easy to treat a condition but I find that the most challenging part is to maintain the good result of a treatment or to ensure the skin remain healthy-looking after we have stopped treating.

Also, this field is an expanding field with new medication or technology being introduced every day. Therefore, I find the need to constantly keep up with the updates of the latest techniques and technologies in my field.


Dr. Yap Hae Mun doesn't want others to face the same condition as she did.


GetDoc: Which hospitals were you based at?

Dr. Yap: After receiving my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from Kursk State Medical University, Russia Federation with overall distinction, I was posted to Kajang Hospital for housemanship. Then, I was transferred to Bentong Hospital as a qualified medical officer and later to a district clinic in Bentong, Pahang. I wanted to work in a clinic because I have special interest in aesthetic medicine and would like to start up my own clinic in the future.


Doctors trained in Malaysia are more versatile compared to those trained overseas, because it is compulsory for Malaysian doctors to be trained at various departments during their housemanship and attachment with government hospitals.


GetDoc: Is there any message you would like to send to public?

Dr. Yap: I always tell my clients that my clinic focuses on natural, safe and dramatic results. In an aesthetic clinic, we do not operate, we use non to minimally invasive measures to achieve the enhancement and improvement on the skin.


Patients should be wary of beauty salons who sometimes do operate illegally as an aesthetic clinic in our country. These centers care about mainly the profit but not the results of their patients. They try to share only the benefits of a particular treatment with their clients, but not the risks and side effects of the treatment. I encourage patients to look up the registry to ensure the credibility of a doctor because of the proliferation of quack doctors. If you want to meet a Korean surgeon, go to Korea! Try not to seek treatment from a foreigner surgeon in Malaysia. They might fly in just for a procedure and head home the next day. Who then will follow up  with the post treatment care? I realize that Malaysians easily fall for cheap treatment without doing proper research on who will be performing the treatment, and that is not right, because there are too much risks and disastrous results might affect your well-being and health that we are talking about.

GetDoc: What differentiates you from other doctors?

Dr. Yap: I believe in investing time with each of my patients during consultations. My therapists always tell me off for being too detailed (laughs). I always share with my patients the process, the outcome and the risks of my treatment with photos and detailed explanations.

I also believe in constant follow–ups for review. I try my best to do my work well and rely on the clients to spread my work by word of mouth.  Other than treatments, I will also tell my patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as quit smoking, exercise regularly and avoid sleeping late. Treatment and lifestyle will help them if both go hand in hand.

Dr. Yap Hae Mun, Aesthetic Doctor in Bangsar

Dr. Yap enjoys the working environment in MAC Clinic, as she is supported by colleagues such as Dr. Hew Yin Keat, Dr. Kathryn Koo, Dr. Jeyarajah Sivalingam


GetDoc: How do you unwind yourself?

Dr. Yap: I do sports like badminton, swimming regularly and try to take time off for traveling. We, the staff at MAC clinic try to create a harmonious environment while we are working to ensure the working environment always remain relaxed.


GetDoc: What services do you specialize in?

Dr. Yap: I focus mainly on skin health consultation, performing procedures like Botox, dermal fillers injections, lasers for pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.  Also with the experience I gained over the years in Gynecology and Obstetrics department as a medical officer, I have special interest in helping women to improve their intimate relationship and enhance the aesthetics of their intimate body areas such as in breasts enhancement and vaginal tightening procedures.

To more about Dr Yap Hae Mun, kindly check here

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