MERS ALERT: New MERS case detected in THAILAND


It has been confirmed by the Thailand’s Health Ministry on January 24th 2016 that there is a second case of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in the country. The virus is detected in a 71-year old Omani man has arrived in Bangkok last week.  The man, his son, taxi drivers, hotel staff and passengers who boarded on the same plane are among the ones whom will be quarantined for two weeks. Amnuay Gajeena, the director general of Thailand’s Disease Control Department stated that the man has low fever, cough and quickened breathing.


MERS should not be taken lightly

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MERS is a disease sourcing from the same family of viruses of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) that spread from China in 2003, infecting as many as 8,000 people and killing nearly as many as 800 of them. The fatality rate of MERS is very high, whereby one single person in South Korea was able to spread the virus to as many as 186 others causing 36 of them to die. To prevent the spread of the disease, officials quarantined 17,000 people. Collectively, the virus has caused 586 deaths since 2012.

The first known case of MERS in Thailand was detected June last year, where a man diagnosed with the disease also came from Oman. According to the World Health organisation, as many as 1,626 MERS cases were reported in 26 different countries whereby almost all the cases were detected within the region of the Middle East or people who have travelled from that region.

While scientists are still not entirely sure of how this disease is spread, camels are known to be able to carry and spread the virus.


Malaysia takes safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease

On the other hand, Malaysia’s Health Ministry has taken proactive steps in enhancing the screening procedures at all entry points into the country following the event. Dr Seri Dr Subramaniam urged the public to not panic as he was confident that Thailand is able to handle the situation.


Source: CIDRAPThe News, NBC News, The Straits Times

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