What is Low Cost IVF?


In-Vitro Fertilization, the source of hope for many childless couples, has an image that it is an expensive method for child-bearing. However, things are set to change, KL Fertility Centre brings you cost-effective IVF treatment that gives the same or even better results as conventional IVF.

Today we have Dr Natasha Ain Binti Mohd Nor with us to tell us about this low cost IVF which is known as IVFku. With IVFKu, more couples can now undergo IVF but without affecting their pocket much. IVFku can serve as a blessing in disguise for couples that wish to start a family but have limited resources to spend. IVFku is the signature programme of low cost IVF which is only offered by KL Fertility Centre.

IVF is expensive because it involves the use of a lot of injectable hormones, whereas IVFku is cheaper as we reduce the amount of injectable hormones. However, the techniques and technology used for both the conventional IVF and IVFku are similar.

Read more about IVFku, the Low Cost IVF and also Dr Natasha on KL Fertility Centre Blog.

Dr Natasha Ain's background

low-cost ivfDr Natasha Ain qualified as a doctor from University of New South Wales, Sydney, and found her passion to be in the field of infertility. She then went on to obtain her specialist degree from the UK, and her Masters from UKM. Having gone through fertility treatment herself, Dr. Natasha has a deeper understanding of the ups and downs of the infertility journey. She continues to actively educate her patients as she firmly believes all facts should be known, and contributes with beneficial articles through her blogsite drnatashanorfertility.com

To know more about Dr Natasha Ain, kindly check here

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