Life with Schizophrenia


It came to my surprise when I found that Schizophrenia is a widely searched term these days. I remember reading an article about it during my early days in college not knowing what it was. I only read it because it sounded cool and of course the bragging rights of knowing something out of the ordinary. I guess in this era, people are more and more aware of this term because of the awareness programs conducted and of course early detection in the hospitals. Well let’s look at Schizophrenia as a whole.


WHAT is Schizophrenia ?

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder where people have difficulty differentiating what is real from what is not. Due to that reason, they experience a combination of disabilities such as hallucinations, delusions and disordered behaviour.


Yes, I do agree that it sounds complicated but let me simplify things. People with Schizophrenia always perceive things as if it is there but in actual it is not. They might hear voices talking to them directly as if a normal conversation is taking place but there’s no one there. The same can take place with their vision as well. They do have a very complicated belief system that contradicts their flow of thoughts and in turn results in very odd behaviour.


Well, of course after reading this, you guys might think that Schizophrenia is such a debilitating disease. Yes, of course it is but it’s not worth being paranoid and judged about. For those movie buffs out there, you guys should check out on The Soloist (2009) or Shutter Island (2010) to further relate about Schizophrenia. These two movies portray the struggles of both the characters in going through life on a daily basis.


CAUSES of Schizophrenia ?

The general public has always been paranoid about mental illness and disorders but the truth is this, everybody is at risk of having any of these diseases because environmental factors play an important role in putting someone at great risk. As of now, there is no scientific evidence to point towards certain specific causes for this disorder. So basically we don’t know the reason why all these things happen.


So, now I anticipate the next question to be this … What increases the risk of having Schizophrenia ???


  • Strong family history of Schizophrenia

    • Having a strong family history makes you more likely to have the illness compared to the general public.


  • Constant exposure to viruses, toxins and lack of nutrition during the first two trimesters of their mother's pregnancy increases the risk as well.


  • Moreover, schizophrenia is more likely to happen if you are constantly suffering from diseases related to inflammations and your immune system.


  • Misuse of drugs during teenage years

    • Constant exposure to illicit drugs puts you at risk of Schizophrenia since these drugs will change your brain chemical reactions gradually.


Living with Schizophrenia can be complicated… How??

People with Schizophrenia have problems coping with daily activities in life. This is because their thoughts are constantly being challenged. Imagine having a mind that speaks to you like a normal person and worst still, giving out orders. Wouldn’t you feel constantly pressured as if someone is looking over you? This is truly sad because they can’t assert control over their own life. This pushes them to the brink of committing suicide, self-inflicted injuries, depression, family conflicts etc. People with Schizophrenia should seek professional help and attention in order to tone down their chaos in life.

How do we manage Schizophrenia??

Of course the first step is to seek for medical professional help. In general, people with Schizophrenia will be treated with two approaches running concurrently.

  • Firstly, those with Schizophrenia should be started on certain medications to control their hallucinations and disordered behaviour. Since, these medications work directly onto the brain, there are various side effects that come along with it.

  • Secondly, they are also given psychosocial therapy, which basically means constant counselling with social interventions. This will allow them to further understand their problems and have a general insight on how to handle stressful situations.


Let me ask you all a simple question.. How many of us truly understand Schizophrenia? I guess only a handful would actually know what it is. Others might just be busy with their own working life. Well I guess, not everyone knows how severely this disease can affect a person’s life. Probably after reading this article, people’s perception towards Schizophrenia might change. We as the general public should definitely make a change and be supportive towards this form of diseases. This can only be made possible if we work together in bringing these people to seek professional help as needed.


Are you suffering from Schizophrenia? Do you have any life experiences or encounters with people with Schizophrenia? Share your experience with us in our Discussion Forum.

Emanuell Jesu Dass

by Emanuell Jesu Dass

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