10 Ways to Keep Your Weight in Check This Raya Season!


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims around the world!!!

In this wonderful and enjoyable festival celebration, we can imagine that foods are the main focal point in every Muslim family to make this celebration an even more joyous affair. However, Most of us seem to go choose the wrong path of binge-eating and shoving down large portions of food and then complain of a “sudden weight gain”! We are here to show you that eating responsibly and healthily will not only let you enjoy this Raya, but also manage your weight better this holiday season.

1.Set goals for your ideal weight and calculate calories needed

Once you set your ideal weight, use a weight loss calculator to calculate how many calories you will need to consume in order to achieve your goal weight. Based on the amount of calories in the foods that you consume, you have to control the intake of calories. Most importantly, keep focusing on the goal weight all the time to prevent yourself from overeating.

2. Have a weight-control buddy

Having a “weight-control buddy” is very helpful and vital in a way that he/she can push you to reach your goal of controlling your weight during the festive season. How wonderful it would be to have a buddy who would act as a personal coach and help you reach your goal quickly. Find that buddy or even better, if you both are over-eaters, best is to watch each other. After all, what are friends for?

3. Avoid overeating

Need we say more? This is a crucial step you must follow in order to keep your weight in check. Remember to refer the nutrition fact of the foods before eating if possible.

4. Select your events properly

You can host a party which centers around the theme of socializing and conduct events according to this (eg. singing and dancing) instead of majorly concentrating on the food. You could choose to attend stage performances to enjoy the celebrations. Also, try to avoid any food festival events that can make you succumb to temptation, thus forcing you to go off-track from your goal!

5. Limit alcohol consumption

Research says that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram that is almost similar to pure fat. Hence, alcohol will also be responsible for your weight gain if consumed in high doses. At the same time, alcohol can also lead to overeating as it is said to increase appetite.


Well-balanced diet

6. Choose your foods wisely

Eat a well-balanced diet. For example, eating fresh food such as green leafy vegetables and fruits could build up a healthy body. The reason behind is both leafy vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and the nutrition needed. On the other hand, choose your meats carefully so that your weight plan is not affected. This is used to control your weight consistently.

7. Exercise regularly

It is an undeniable fact that physical activity such as jogging can assist you in weight control. It plays the role in burning your body calories. When you exercise more vigorously, the more calories it burns and thereby reduces the body wastes. Hence, your body weight is under-controlled after this.

8. Practice healthy lifestyle

Working on a schedule will help maintain discipline. Ensure you sleep early and o wake up early in the morning. By practicing this healthy lifestyle, you will have lesser stress and this will in turn lead you have a better lifestyle. This discipline will go a long way to help keep your weight under control

9. Plan your day well

Planning your day to keep you fully occupied with interesting activities, especially those that keep you moving frequently, is a good thing to do. Make sure you are not lying around in your house all day because laziness also contributes to weight-gain – fats get stored when they are not burnt with adequate physical activity.

10. Be optimistic and positive

Being optimistic could help balance you as a person with both mental and physical health. Hence, you will feel confident and always stay on the right path with positive attitude to do the right things. In this way, you would also be on the road towards your goal and also reach it sooner!


Now, we are sure you have a clear idea on how you can keep your weight in check during the holidays. Bear in mind that controlling the amount and calories you eat is the main factor to help you maintain your weight. Plan your holiday well and enjoy this Raya healthily!


We, at GetDocSays, wish you a wonderful and blessed Hari Raya!






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