Is Being in a Relationship Good for Health?


The one point we wish to make before you continue to read further on this topic is – good relationships are good for you and your health while bad relationships are bad! The quality of relationship does matter, my friend! Having said that, let us see whether being in a relationship actually has any effect on our health. We shortlisted 6 factors that will being in a relationship will have an impact on. They are:


Weight management


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It is seen that couples can help in each other’s weight management once they are in a relationship. They motivate each other, be it for weight gain or weight loss, most often it is the latter. Doing workouts together, competing with each other healthily, and being physically active is something to get out of a relationship. However, this is the case of a healthy and happy relation – this can go awry if the people in the relationship are not in good terms with each other.



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It is a well-known fact that partners who are physically intimate on a regular basis have lower stress levels. That said, sex is not the primary focal point in a relation, behaviour also matters. There can be many a reason for one partner to get annoyed by the other’s behaviour and this can cause stress to sneak its way into your lives.


Emotional Support


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There is someone whom we can fall back upon, yes, family does play this role primarily. But when away from home and parents, it is the partner/spouse who is the one we rely on for many a thing – be it advice on what grocery to buy or how to answer an interview question or to discuss some news topic! We again reiterate that emotional support is very much a part of a happy relationship, we all will know instances of people in bad relationships and absolutely zero support on the emotional front.


Longer lifespan

Elderly Couple Playing Video Game --- Image by © Tim Pannell/CORBIS

Image by © Tim Pannell/CORBIS

It has been seen that people in a long-term/committed relationship or a marriage have longer lifespan when compared to those in a relationship “without a commitment”


You will not be lonely!not_so_lonely_anymore_by_marixia-d5v31y5

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Loneliness can be a killer, so you can stay clear of it if you are in a good relationship. Read here about the ill-effects of loneliness and how you can come out of it.


You can do things together


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When in a relationship, you can start learning a new sport or a hobby or even take up a class – you can do this together! It is always great to have company when doing things you like or learning new stuff. It can’t get any better if the companion is your better half!


All said and done, as mentioned in the first few lines, it is necessary to be in a good relationship that helps you grow all-round as a person. If you find the relationship suffocating and stifling you, it is high time you got out of it. When going through a break-up, loneliness tends to creep in, do take proper steps to not fall for the trap. Stay healthy, stay happy! With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, take this chance to celebrate life with your loved one. Use the opportunity to patch up and get back together and have a rocking life ahead!

So what's your plan on this Valentines?

Hridya Anand

by Hridya Anand

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