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Yoga has become a popular trend among those living in urban areas as well as those in the countryside as it helps participants get over their stress, relax their minds and strengthen their body. Yoga is an exercise which is focuses on flexibility, strength and breathing. The technique of deep breathing sends more oxygen into our blood and brain. Hence, we have enough energy to deal with daily stuff. The different yoga poses helps relieve people (those practicing) from chronic diseases and bring in positive change to their lives. Those who regularly practice yoga get healthy, happy, and reduce anxiety which is a remarkable change in a mundane lifestyle. Did you know Robert Downey Jr who is more popular as Iron Man struggled with drug addiction before making Yoga a part of his daily routine?

He practices yoga routinely to recover from drug addiction and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A balanced life eventually brought him the highest achievement in his career such as the Golden Globe award in McBeal series. Therefore, let us discuss about the importance of yoga in our daily when practicing it regularly.

Improves flexibility

Inflexibility of the body occurs when our muscles become shorter and tighter. These conditions can be improved through exercise and stretching. In the beginning, participants feel pain and difficulty to stretch their body even when doing simple poses such as touching the toes. Yoga focusses on stretching to loosen the muscles. After training for some time, adults are able to stretch their body similar to kids and practicing poses becomes possible for them since the flexibility is improved.

Strengthens immune system

According to Surya Kolpakov (a professional yoga therapist), yoga stimulates our immune system especially circulatory, nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems. The yoga poses stimulate one of the four systems that can boost our immune system. Besides this, yoga emphasis Asana which mean posture or pose. It is a stable seat for participants to undergo prolong meditation. When maintain Asana, participants breath deeply and the motion of posture is slow. Chest cavity will be enhance to allow more oxygen inhale into lungs. The heartbeat rate increase and our heart can pump more oxygenated blood to muscles. Hence, breathe deeply to improve circulatory, all organs will function efficiency and improved immune system.

Prevents digestive problem

Furthermore, one way to heal digestive problems is by managing stress efficiently. The contraction of digestive muscles is affected and there is a reduction in digestive juice secretion when under stress. Stress is the main cause of indigestion since the stomach secretes excess acid. Yoga especially meditation is a deep state of relaxation to eliminate jumble thought in the mind. They feel relaxed and digestive system functions normally. On the other hands, yogasanas or yogic poses are a physical exercise which can promote the effective contraction and avoid constipation.

Enhances quality of sleep

Yoga improves insomnia significantly. Yoga poses stretch the back muscles to stimulate the nervous system to supply more blood to different parts of the body and calm down nervous system. It helps release stress and induce better sleep. The suggested poses are Hastapadasana, Marjariasana, Shishuasana, and BaddhaKosana.

Helps maintain healthy lifestyle

Yoga is a healthy way for people to control their weight by burning the calories and remove toxic from our body. It also practices our spiritual and emotional dimension which may encourage us to have awareness during eating. Those practicing yoga tend to choose healthy foods and have a lesser desire to overeat at any point or junk after meals.

Find internal peace

People pursue fame and wealth in their life until they pay a heavy price for it with their health. Yoga is in many ways a better form of exercise when compared to others - it teaches us listen to our body. Doing Yoga ultimately leads us to search for the higher meaning of life - the purpose of life and the answer to spiritual questions. Yoga helps you be happy, hale and hearty, appreciate the finer aspects of live. Those practicing yoga tend to have a lesser influence on them by negative habits.

As a result, yoga is a healthy exercise for people to stay away from the fast-paced life we live. Find a yoga centre nearby to enjoy the benefits from this ancient science.

Have you been impressive by yoga through this article and have the same experience to share?



Min Ni

by Min Ni

Min believes that a healthy body is important for everyone to achieve their dream. She hopes people have a healthy lifestyle and be aware of their health as well. View all articles by Min Ni.


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