How to Drink Responsibly this CNY!


Social Drinking

Social gatherings - One of the more common settings where alcohol consumption is rapidly becoming a norm. However, drinking alcohol had a much more subtle past. According to history, alcohol consumption started off as a means for warming up the body, or at least, to make one feel warmer. This would be especially useful for those residing in regions of colder climates. That said, it is found that in actual fact, after 1 drink of an alcoholic beverage, the core body temperature starts to drop significantly. But enough of history, let us talk about the present! As previously mentioned, alcohol has gained increased popularity, especially among the youth who are out seeking for a good time. But do you know your limit? Are you aware of the possible factors affecting your alcohol tolerance?

Alcohol beverage calorie count

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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

In short, blood alcohol concentration is the measurement of alcohol content in our bodies where a higher concentration indicates alcohol intoxication to a higher degree. There are many factors that affect how our individual bodies react to alcohol. Aside from genetics or inheritable traits playing their part in one’s level of alcohol tolerance, body weight and gender are also primary factors.

Regarding body weight, it is widely believed that larger people tend to have a better capacity in absorbing alcohol. In adverse circumstances, smaller or lighter weight people would then be able to absorb less alcohol, leading to a faster rate of alcohol intoxication and ultimately, getting drunk faster.

On the other hand, to elaborate a little more on gender and its role in varying alcohol tolerance levels, studies have shown that women have a lower portion of their body composed of water than men do, meaning that they can reach a higher BAC at a faster rate. In terms of metabolism, an average person is able to metabolize 10-12g of alcohol per hour. Hence, if one drinks up more than the amount their body can metabolize within that specific period of time, the BAC will also tend to rise more quickly.

Tips and Tricks When Dealing With Alcohol

   1. Pace yourself

Alcohol is dehydrating! Remember that although you're consuming liquid, the ethanol in alcoholic beverages tends to have a dehydrating effect. So it would be better to alternate between soft drinks and water with each alcoholic drink consumed as this practice will dilute the concentration of alcohol entering your bloodstream.

   2.  Eat before drinking

It can be very tempting to start away with the drinking upon crashing a party or unwinding after a long Friday at work. Bear in mind though, that eating something before drinking is highly advised as it will line your stomach, causing alcohol to be absorbed at a slower pace into the bloodstream. Oh! Salty foods are a no no as well since they prompt thirst.

    3. Plan Ahead

Always, ALWAYS plan ahead as to how you and your friends will be getting home BEFORE going out for drinks. This is key to making sure that you end up getting home safe and sound as you could be drunk to the point of very little or close to no consciousness at all.

    4. Drink with the right people

Trust is vital in so many of the things we do on a daily basis and the prevalence of this value is no less important when it comes to having a good time. So I urge all my fellow youths to only drink with people or company you feel absolutely comfortable with and can trust to not take advantage of you when in a drunken state.

That's all from me today! Was a real pleasure writing this article as it is something I can really relate to. Hope you guys enjoyed the read! Do comment below if you have any experiences to share or extra points to add on. Also, feel free as always to start a topic on our GetDocSays Discussion Forum on whatever you're interested in or suggest something for me I write about even!


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