How Not to Gain Weight When Travelling


Going on a holiday means taking time off; time off from your hectic work schedule, time off from stress, and time off from exercising. But straying away from your workout routine might lead to some unwanted weight gain. Therein lies the dilemma, how can one enjoy and let loose while on holiday but still maintain a healthy workout routine. Well, it is almost impossible to stick to the same workout regime as you would during your day-to-day routine but fret not there are ways for you to have your cake and eat it too.

No equipment, no problem!

There are plenty of ways to work out without using gym equipment. For example, push ups, you don’t need any gym equipment for this upper body exercise. You can even get creative and make use of the furniture in the hotel room, like using a chair for support while you do dips. Want to maintain your toned arms? Use large mineral bottles or any type of container that can hold liquid as substitute for dumbbells.

Take it one step at a time

Instead of focusing on certain areas of your body, focus on the number of steps you take while you’re up and about taking in the lovely scenery while on your holiday. This doesn’t mean you should go out and get a Fitbit right away, although it’s kind of a trend right now. If you are looking for more cost-effective ways to count your steps, there are many apps that work like a pedometer to help you count your steps. Remember for every 2000 steps you take your burn around 100 calories!

Dive in

Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities like the swimming pool. Instead of sun bathing by the poolside, why not jump in and swim a few laps to work off some of those holiday calories. Can’t swim? No problem just moving around in water helps to burn calories too! Especially if you are moving against the water’s resistance. So, don’t forget to pack your bathing suits.

Be adventurous

Yes, being on holiday means relaxation but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little adventure at the same time. Part and parcel of traveling is discovering new and unfamiliar places. Join a walking tour, go kayaking through a mangrove forest, or go on a bike tour. There are many different ways to sight-see while on holiday, it just requires from research and efficient travel planning.


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