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Let’s meet Dr Jeyarajah Sivalingam, a cardiac trained Rejuvenation Physician. He practices a multifaceted treatment programme at M.A.C Clinic. The clinically designed wellness program takes into account an individual’s nutrition, metabolism, immune function, exercise habits, detoxification systems, hormonal regulation, mind/brain/body programming, environmental exposures. Let's find out more about doctor and the program from this interview.

GetDoc: Hello Dr Jeya thanks a lot for having us over. Let us start from the beginning. Why did you choose to go into the medical field?
Dr Jeya:  Thank you. To answer your question, I would say I had both familial and personal reasons to do that. I always wanted to become a doctor right from childhood. Yes it sounds clichéd but that is the truth.

GetDoc: What is it about the field of medicine that you are interested about?
Dr Jeya: The ability to add quality to life.

Clinically Designed Wellness Program

Dr Jeya shares some insights with GetDoc team


GetDoc: Do you enjoy being a doctor because of the satisfaction achieved from helping others?
Dr Jeya: Of course.

GetDoc: Why did you leave the government posting and start to work with Doctor Hew?
Dr Jeya: Its impossible to practise this type of medicine in a government hospital. Dr. Hew’s clinic presents the ideal setting.

GetDoc: Who do you define as a good doctor?
Dr Jeya: The same as a good human being, the ability to gain confidence, inspire and emphatise.

GetDoc: How was it like initially running your program?
Dr Jeya: It is always difficult in the beginning. After a year or two of treating patients with decent outcomes, I gained a lot of confidence.   I stopped accepting walk-in patients, in fact, I still don’t accept any walk-ins, and I only treat patients who have come in as referrals.

GetDoc: What do most of your clients seek for when they come to you?
Dr Jeya:  My patients are usually those who want to look and feel healthy and fit.

GetDoc: Can you please tell us more about the anti-aging programs you provide?
Dr Jeya: I focus on optimising the neuroendocrine, immune and circulatory systems.

GetDoc: Do you design the programs by yourself?
Dr Jeya: Of course. But I sit on the shoulders of giants. Great work done by amazing doctors, this is where we always learn.

GetDoc: Do you customize the programs accordingly to suit individual needs and wants?
Dr Jeya: Yes.

GetDoc: How long do you take to design a program?
Dr Jeya: The program is decided with the patient, taking into consideration the goals. Usually its about 3 months.

GetDoc: How do you spread your program over the medical and lifestyle aspects?
Dr Jeya: The life style we lead, leads to the chronic ailments we carry.

GetDoc: With the proliferation of information, clients are often muddled and confused. How do you think the clients could go about it?
Dr Jeya: Too much or too little information is equally dangerous.

clinically designed wellness program

Dr. Jeyarajah Sivalingam

GetDoc: How do you deal with situations where patients are misinformed about their conditions or treatment options?
Dr Jeya: You just have to spend some time to educate.

GetDoc: What is your biggest satisfaction being a doctor?
Dr Jeya: A happy patient.

GetDoc: What is your biggest challenge thus far in your career and how did you overcome it?
Dr Jeya: I thrive on challenges. Its essential for growth.

clinically designed wellness program

Dr. Jeyarajah Sivalingam with his fellow colleagues at M.A.C Clinic

To know more about Dr Jeyarajah Sivalingam, kindly check here

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