You Are Important, You Need To Do This For Yourself!


There is a lot of buzz about this thing called an annual health check-up. Why is there so much buzz about it? Why is it important for you and me to get ourselves checked annually? Surely, you think this is another scam. But brace yourselves, dear friend, it is not. Read on to find out...

Well, the answer to the question posed above is very simple – to be aware of your current health condition!

For most of us, if not all, the easiest thing to ignore is our own health. Health check-ups cost money and at a time when recession and job losses are the order of the day, health is the last thing on anybody’s mind. But in doing so, we only end up being pennywise and pound foolish.

Cancer has become a household word nowadays but no one really knows why and how cancers occur. Only regular health check-ups can let you know if you might be having it, and at what stage. If you are the kind who does a health check-up annually, you might be able to fight a disease or a condition at its earliest stage and nip it in the bud.

Women, by far, have been found to be the “offenders” in the list of people who do not get their annual health check-ups done – Ladies, you go to get your manicure, haircuts and what not but why ignore the most important aspect of yourself?

A woman is an important part of the society, she makes a house a home, and she is the most important asset of a family. Only if she is in good shape, will the family be in good shape as well.  So, if you wish to do something good for your mum – gift her something that will help her be aware of her health.

Your dad has worked hard for you and your family, gift him something that will give him a current status report on his health.

And last but not the least, you are important, gift yourself this. A complete health check-up.

We at GetDoc would like to give back to the community by educating the public on various health issues. As always, there is a little surprise with what we have to offer.

So what exactly happens during a health check-up?

The doctor first examines you, checks your height and weight for BMI calculation. Then he checks your pressure; this is followed by drawing a blood sample. Yes, a physical examination will give you a rough idea of where you stand. But this isn’t enough, an internal exam is necessary.

  1. Height and weight ; BMI calculation

  2. Blood pressure

  3. Blood sample is taken to check for cholesterol, sugar

  4. There are further tests that give you a fair idea of the health of your liver, kidneys under the liver function test or renal function test.

When researchers at Mayo Clinic checked records of about 68 patients having hypertension and another 372 patients who didn’t, they checked the measurements from every appointment. Upon doing so, they found that all the 68 patients were actually having hypertension; well there were 110 people who were mistakenly diagnosed for high blood pressure.

It helps the doctors and you also to be aware of any movement or change in measurements over time. This happens only when you are a regular at getting your health checked. Random tests once in so many years will not give any concrete results or help diagnosis.
So will you refuse to do a health check-up soon? Better not! Health is wealth and it is a very important form of wealth that cannot be got back once it is lost. So keep track of where you stand, take control of your life and health. Get your health checked.



Hridya Anand

by Hridya Anand

A biochemist by education who could never put what she studied to good use, finally found GetDoc as a medium to do what she loved - bring information to people using a forum that is dedicated to all things medical. View all articles by Hridya Anand.


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