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Three decades in the business of aesthetics is no joke, and if you can note the consistency in offering services that speaks volumes about one’s practice. Let us hear more about her specialties from Dr Inder Kaur herself. 

GetDoc: Hello Dr Inder, first of all thank you very much for giving us this interview. Could you start by telling us about your practice? What inspired or piqued your interest into becoming a doctor and specializing in the aesthetic field?
Dr Inder:  I graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery and have been actively running this aesthetic medical clinic for more than 30 years. I am very passionate and interested in aesthetics and well-being. This led me to pursue further in this particular field.

I have received many certifications by various Boards such as the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, USA (ABAARM). I have also acquired Advanced Fellowship in Dermatological Laser Surgery (BKK) and I am a life member of The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and Asian Association Of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS). I am proud to say that I am one of the first aesthetic doctors credentialed and privileged in Aesthetic Medical Practice by the Malaysia Ministry of Health (LCP). I am also currently the Exco Member of the Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine of Malaysia (SAAARM).

I also deliver many talks and write articles both locally and internationally. You may have also seen me on television  where I share knowledge and my experience on beauty, aesthetics and health issues of various concerns affecting both men and women.

The fact that I would be able to change a lot of lives in a positive way is what made me choose this line. I interact with my clients on a daily basis and I am very glad to see their improvement from close quarters.

GetDoc: What are the services offered by your clinic?

dr inder

With over 30 years of experience, Dr Inder still humble to serve every patient with highest integrity.

Dr Inder: We do all the aesthetic procedures such as peels, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, fillers, skin rejuvenation, treatment of skin pigmentation, hair removal, mole removal, Botox. We majorly focus on hair loss treatment, hair removal, hair regrowth treatment and also on weight loss, weight control, slimming procedures. Some of the latest techniques include vaginal tightening. We offer a wide range of services to maintain youthfulness and well-being through advanced proven aesthetic beauty and medical treatments.

GetDoc: What or how is your approach to your patients?

Dr Inder: We need to listen to our patients, that is my first principle. Most of the time, if you take the case of people with acne or acne scars, you can always see the patients are lacking in self-confidence. They feel there is no one to listen to them, no one they can talk to, who can hear them out. So, I am happy to play that part. I also encourage them; instill some confidence when doing treatment. When the procedure is completed, you can see these patients are a transformed lot, they have come quite a long way from where they were when they first come to me.

We also are very honest with our patients, I have to tell them the real fact whether we can achieve good results or not, I of course will do my best to get the best results. But it is not my principle to take my patients for a ride by not showing expected results.

Our clinic is well equipped with the latest technology in aesthetic medicine and is thus able to provide the latest and up-to-date procedures and treatments to suit the various needs of each and every client. Our patients are our priority and we take pride to ensure clients’ safety, comfort and privacy at all times. My staff are very well-trained and at my clinic we offer personalized services to our clients, that is what makes the difference as well.

GetDoc: What is the most common treatment you do at your clinic? / What is more popular among your patients?

Dr Inder: A lot of my patients come in for hair loss treatment – some of them have a family history of hair loss, some lose hair due to health reasons, especially men. Our pricing suits most of our patients and our friendly approach also accounts for a lot of word-of-mouth referrals that come to us.  We also have non-resident Malaysians who come to my clinic specifically for treatment and I am humbled by that gesture.

Similarly we also have people coming in for weight loss, and being on the heavier side does have a lot of effect on one’s mental health. Everywhere you see people body shaming and this surely takes a toll on a person’s confidence.

Another common one that people come to me for is eyebrow hair loss treatment. A lot of the people here in Malaysia tattoo their eyebrows and it results in hair loss in that region making them look different. By the treatment in our clinic they can regain the hair and also their beautiful looks.

GetDoc: Now that the aesthetic medicine field is competitive, how do you stand out from the competition? How different are you from your peers?

Dr Inder: I have been in this field for the past 30 odd years. People come to me by word-of-mouth and I am really humbled and thankful for that. My work speaks for itself, our friendly approach to our patients, our honesty all matter a lot and that’s why we are able to be here in spite of so many clinics.

GetDoc: You mentioned you write a lot of articles and also give talks. Why do you see a need for that?

Dr Inder: It is basically for education of our public. Awareness is very important. People are generally aware of a lot of things but education is needed especially to tell people that they must go to a certified professional doctor.

GetDoc: Where do you see the future of aesthetic medicine in about 10 years’ time and how do you keep up with these developments?

Dr Inder: The future of this field is very bright and we have a lot of revolutionary changes coming in. Our clinic is a world class one equipped with the latest equipment and technology. I also attend a lot of conferences and get myself certified regularly to be up to date with the latest innovations.


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