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20th January 2017 - You are sitting on an uncomfortable chair in a clinic, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for your turn to see the doctor. With each cough and each sniffle, you begin to wonder if it is a better idea to just stay at home and let your own immune system take care of it. We all know how tough it can be in cases of severe illness when we can barely sit for 5 minutes. And if it is your child that is sick, don’t even bother about imagining it – it would be a nightmare for both the child and you.

You are not alone in this. Most people would have had the same experience during their doctor visits. But if we can order our food for pick-up at a specific time, on an app, using our smart phones, why can’t we do the same when it comes to healthcare? When convenience and ease of access to our nearby local clinics are most important during our weakest times.

These thoughts gave birth to GetDoc, a doctor’s appointment booking app. It is the product of a visionary idea from Jerry Hang, one of the co-founders of GetDoc, to make healthcare a pleasant experience for all. Its presence is growing both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Aside from removing the troublesome nature of calling to make an appointment and long queues from walk-ins, what else could GetDoc do to make your doctor visits more welcoming?

Considering the recent rising costs of living, one of the reasons why people will dread getting the proper healthcare that they know they need would be the costs of each doctor visit. This is where Manis comes in. Yes! GetDoc has joined hands with Manis, a Malaysian based loyalty and rewards company, to allow GetDoc users in on the universal loyalty program!

What this means is that GetDoc users can get more value for their money spent on doctor visits! However, GetDoc is not encouraging you to get ill, but rather encouraging you to take charge of your healthcare and not to shy away from seeking help just because of expenses. Get rewarded with Manis points after attending a doctor’s appointment made through GetDoc! Furthermore, if you snap the printed medical receipts from our Manis Panel clinics (which includes more than 5 hospitals and 450++ clinics covering over 10 specialties like Dental, Aesthetics, Audiology, TCM, Etc) on the Manis App, you will receive even more Manis Points! Collecting these Manis points will allow you to redeem attractive rewards from your favourite businesses in Malaysia!

This is a humble and small initiative from GetDoc in collaboration with Manis; to give your whole healthcare experience a sweet aftertaste. So, Malaysians, start experiencing better healthcare and make your bitter illness sweeter with GetDoc & Manis!

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by Dwayne

A Life Coach to be. Dwayne's passion for personal development came about from his own relationship with his father; while his interest in the Healthcare industry came from his experience when his father passed away from Nasopharyngeal cancer. View all articles by Dwayne.


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