Focus on what you are good at: healing patients. Leave the rest to us.

GetDoc for medical professionals

GetDoc is where you can connect to your patients in an easier, faster and smarter way. GetDoc strives to deliver better healthcare experience by connecting you to patients faster, engage with them easily and empowering patients to make informed decision.

Grow big with GetDoc regionally.

Let us help you to manage and grow your practice while making an impact in millions of lives!

Can patients find you?

Patients find doctors online

Patients want to schedule an appointment with doctors

Doctors do not have online presence

Most people turn to Internet and Technology to seek convenience. 86% of patients look for Doctors online and 94% of patients want to schedule an appointment with Doctors when they are sick. However, 83% of Doctors do not have online presence in Malaysia and Singapore. Are you one of them? Let us help you to grow your practice!

Why you should be a part of GetDoc

  • Increase Revenue

    Reach out to more patients through GetDoc. Most people turn to Internet and Technology to seek convenience. Patients can now discover you with instant access to your schedule via our online touch points.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Better control of your working hour by managing your patients flow to achieve work life balance.

  • Save Cost

    With GetDoc, you can better manage your resources ahead and enable you to reduce unnecessary administrative expenses as well as overhead cost.

  • Save Time

    Your staff spends less time on the phone booking and managing appointments, thereby freeing up their schedule for more important and pressing tasks.

  • Be Different

    Tap into the fastest­ growing source of new patients acquisitions. Make your practice different from others with the help of technology.

  • 24/7 Convenience

    We help you to capture your patients with 24/7 convenience scheduling system. Patients can schedule an appointment with you anytime to fill your schedules.


With GetDoc in your hands, don’t just manage your practice, but
Grow it both in terms of number of patients and reputation across the globe.

  • Appointment System Made Easy

    Let Millions of Patients Connect and Make Appointment with you Easily and Effortlessly.

  • Healthcare Information Hub

    Educate and Empower Your Patients to embrace a healthier and happy lifestyle.

  • Maximize Your Availability

    Fill last­ minute openings in your calendar caused by cancellations and shifting schedules. With GetDoc, you’re there for your patients when they need you.

  • Reminder At Your Fingertips

    Remind Your Patient on Next Medical Appointment Instantly within Clicks.        

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