Top 5 Finger Foods For Your Baby!


At around eight months, you will notice that your little one is becoming more proactive and independent come meal times. They will try to snatch the spoon or stick their hands in their food, trying to feed themselves. This is not your baby acting out, but in fact means that meal time is about to become more interesting, both for you and your baby.

finger foods

What are finger foods?

Finger foods are foods that are bite-sized and easy for the baby to consume by themselves. This is an interesting time for your baby, as it is an opportunity for you to start introducing different foods, flavours and textures. Of course, do make sure the finger foods are small and very soft, so that your baby will not choke and can easily enjoy these new delicacies. So now that it’s time to introduce your baby to all the wonders of food, what exactly can be used as finger foods? Below are the top 5 types of finger foods that your little ones will definitely love getting their hands on.

  1. Cereals

finger foodsThe easiest food to prepare and have your baby munching away is cereals. More specifically, cereals that are low in sugar like Cheerios. With these cereals, the difference in texture will be a pleasant surprise. Besides that, since the cereal is so small, it won’t pose as a choking hazard. Biscuits and rusks are also good alternatives.

  1. Vegetables

finger foodsThe next type of finger food that is both nutritious and delicious is cooked vegetables. For this, please do make sure that the vegetables are cooked until soft and is easy to mash. Examples of vegetables that can be great finger foods are boiled carrots, broccoli, and also steamed sweet potatoes. Chop these up to small, bite-sized pieces to prevent choking. You can also give your baby raw cucumbers cut in big wedges to prevent them from biting off too much at a time, and also help soothe their teething gums.

  1. Fruits

finger foodsOf course, you can’t leave out fruits. Besides being healthy and full of nutrients, the sweetness of the fruits will leave your baby wanting more. Examples of fruits that your baby can eat are bananas, mangoes and peaches with the skin removed. Make sure that the fruits are really ripe and soft, and that you cut the fruits up into manageable pieces to prevent choking.

  1. Meat

finger foodsNext up is meat. As a source of iron and protein, meat is very beneficial for your baby. You can start by cooking up minced meat to get your baby used to it and as they age, chicken strips could act as a good type of finger food. Fish like salmon is also very good for your baby. Make sure that the meat is cooked through and that it is cut up into small, manageable pieces to prevent choking.

  1. Eggs

finger foodsLast but not least, eggs. There is a belief that it is not good to feed your baby eggs until they are about a year old at least, but it has been proven otherwise multiple times. So, eggs are perfectly safe for your little one! Safe and nutritious too. Eggs can be served to your little one either boiled or scrambled and as usual, make sure that they are well cooked and cut up in small pieces to prevent choking. Your baby will definitely love it.

Now, as with all foods, bear in mind that all of this is new to your baby, and that they might not be amenable to trying it in the beginning. However, don’t despair and keep trying! Don’t force your little ones, but just keep coming back to it so that your baby can familiarise themselves with the taste and textures. You may find that one day, these foods might actually end up being their favourites! For all your baby and maternity needs, as well as more tips and tricks, head to


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