6 Habits of Dads to see if they are healthy!


Fathers are the backbone of a family, he also has a very strong sense of responsibility towards the family - as a husband, father, son, performing all roles and thus shouldering a lot of pressure too. With the upcoming Father's Day, what are you as sons or daughters going to do to celebrate for your Dads? What are the Father's Day Gift Idea?

Why is your father's health important?

Be it neckties, shirts, watches, fancy meal, every father adores whatever his children give him as they take lot of pains to choose and plan the surprise carefully. If it is even a small card, your father will be the happiest man on the earth! But in recent years, there has been a change in the way children gift their fathers on Father’s Day. Today’s society is more aware on the health and we see that quite a few of our friends have decided on gifting their fathers massage chairs, sphygmomanometer, health supplements, health check vouchers and so on ...

Your father’s health is very important! As children we should be considerate at heart, be more concerned about our father and let him feel at ease. So how do we find out how healthy our fathers are?

  1. His weight

Middle-aged people tend to be susceptible to easy weight gain since the metabolic rate decreases, thus reducing the amount of activity.  If the male waist / hip ratio is greater than 0.9, it might result in diabetes, and will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. If your body fat is more than 25%, it is also another indication of obesity.

Aside from weight control diet aspects, it is advisable to control appetite, try to consume light food, may consider adopting a low carbohydrate diet too.

  1. How has his recent appetite changed?

    father's day gift idea

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If your father has a good appetite, we believe that he is currently in good health. If there is a sudden deterioration of appetite, rapid weight loss, medical treatment or diagnosis is essential to check to see if he is suffering from any problem. Stomach problems, acute hepatitis, brain tumors, liver cancer, or other cancers are possible; appetite and mental deterioration are some of the lung infection symptoms.

The chances of men suffering from stomach cancer is twice that of women, the symptoms of some cancers appear at a later stage, initially  there is less obvious discomfort which then develops into vomiting followed by weight loss which is often found at a later stage.

  1. Is the urination pattern normal?
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The prostate is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body of men. Check out for symptoms like frequent urination (especially at night), urinary flow, and stinging sensation during urination or bloody urine, it may be prostatitis or enlarged prostate, prostate cancer symptoms. About half of the population that is aged more than 50 years old will have variety of symptoms for prostate problems. If your father has these symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible. A vast majority of the people have benign prostate swelling which is easy to treat.

Bladder cancer risk increases with age, especially among the people over the age of 50 years. It would be good to advice your dad to drink plenty of water during the day, do not hold back the urination, so as not to affect the concentration of urine in the bladder, thus creating conditions for bacterial infection, leading to an increased chance of bladder cancer.

  1. Does he sleep well?

father's day gift idea
In older people, the amount of sleep time is generally reduced, and they tend to wake up easily.  If you wish your dad to have a good quality of sleep, try to get him suitable bedding. Try not to use soft, thick mattress, the lumbar functioning in the elderly will be affected because of degradation; there may even be muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, low back pain and other symptoms. It is advisable to sleep on a bed of certain hardness. However, if osteoporosis causes deformation of the spine, it is better to avoid a hard bed. Also, it will do good for your father if you gently remind him not to drink plenty of water before going to sleep, to prevent him bladder filling and will lead to an increase in the number of times he has to get up at night.

Now if insomnia, or daytime drowsiness are noticeable, you should pay attention to his blood pressure, check to see if it is not too high. Also check if there is neurasthenia, heart disease, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. Check with a doctor and try to identify the causes of the disease.

  1. Are your father’s eyes okay?
    father's day gift idea

Older people have vulnerable eyes, the most common one being presbyopia. Blurred vision, cataract, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma are some of the common eye problems. The chance of suffering from cataract is higher especially in people who smoke, rather than non-smokers. Glaucoma is a genetic eye disease in which nerve damage causes increase in the hydraulic pressure within the eye, leading to blindness.

Remind dad to get his eyes checked regularly! Early diagnosis, early treatment will result in better effect of the treatment. Avoid smoke, consume a balanced diet and regular eye exercises are a good way to take care of our precious eyes.


  1. Father’s health examination result.

father's day gift idea
Men over the age of 40 are likely to be affected by diseases that mostly affect the upper body. So, what are the tests usually done during a regular medical examination? Does dad have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other cardiovascular disease? .Even if he looks lively and in good health, it is important to remind him or accompany him for a regular medical examination in order to understand his health. Discover the disease before it’s too late. This will only result in poor effect of treatment and lower success rates. When you dad seems to be having uncomfortable symptoms, it is best that his children accompany him to the hospital.

Ensure that medical examinations have the following six items:

  • Blood test

  • Kidney function tests

  • Liver function tests

  • Diabetes check

  • Lipids and cholesterol check

  • Urinalysis

[There are goodies!] When it comes to doing a physical examination, let us tell you that you must not miss the goodies! Purchase GetDoc health check package, you can visit as many as 170 test centers in Klang Valley for checkup! And the price is affordable, starting from RM80 ++ !

Take care your dad’s health without delay!

father's day gift idea

Finally, when you have free time, try spend at least some of it with your dad. Talk to him, make him feel at ease, the time spent together is very important, and will be treasured at heart for quite some time. Getting his health checked will only enhance his longevity and this is the biggest reward you can give for your caring father!

If you love your dad,  say it to him, show it to him.


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