Facial Peel Treatment


Fine lines, age spots, freckles, dark patches, wrinkles, dead skin problem? Fret not! Get this facial peel package brought to you by Columbia Asia Hospital Petaling Jaya & GetDoc!

Improve your skin texture and maintain your skin beauty persistently with this facial peel treatment! Facial peel works not just to exfoliate your skin, but also to encourage new skin cells.

How is this treatment done?

A non-toxic chemical solution is applied on the skin surface and absorbed, before releasing the active acid component, which then works from within the skin. The treatment is so gentle that it can be used without complications on the delicate areas around the lips and eyes.

Columbia Asia Hospital PJ is now offering an awesome package to revive your silky smooth skin. Get your first trial at RM190 only! (N/P: RM279) Or sign up for 5 sessions and only pay RM1,000! (Save RM395)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer valid till 31st December 2017

  2. Eligibility of package shall be advised by CAH Dermatologist consultant.

  3. This treatment can be done by both male and female.


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Facial Peel Package in Columbia Asia Hospital PJ

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