[Event] Fuel Good: Live Strong Workshop


Fuel Good: Live Strong Workshop

Speaker: Indra Balaratnam

Date: Saturday, 18 June 2016

Time: 10am to 1pm

Venue: 1st Floor, Resource & Wellness Centre, National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

Fee: Entry Fee by Donation. Refreshments provided.

national cancer

A nutrition cooking workshop on eating to reduce your risk of cancer.

Learn to:

  • Get the most nutrients out of your meals

  • Eat healthy consistently despite your busy schedule

About Indra Balaratnam:

-          Consultant Dietitian

-          Founder of Indra Balaratnam Nutrition - a Food Expert Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-          Specializes in health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, pregnancy, post-surgery recovery, sports/fitness, and children’s nutrition

-          A nutrition culinary expert - develops healthy recipes for global food corporations

-          Writes a fortnightly column called “EAT WELL” in The New Straits Times

-          Has a monthly nutrition column in Health & Beauty magazine

-          Co-author of the nutrition cookbook “Healthy Eating—Recipes for the Palate” and “Healthy Family Meals”

by Qian

Qian's interest in healthcare industry came about after her father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. This experience has led her to become a strong believer in empowering individuals to take charge of their own health. View all articles by Qian.


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