Don’t Get Hypertension When Looking for Good Exchange Rates!


Jeremy is a newbie traveller; he wants to see the world. Travel is the new fantasy that many people, old and young are taking up nowadays. But travel can be undertaken with a lot of planning else everything can seem to go wrong, right? You may be a seasoned traveller but Jeremy isn’t. How many times have you spent considerable time traveling on foot in a foreign country trying to find the best exchange rates? Or perhaps you settled for the most convenient form of exchange, i.e., local/international bank exchange rates at the airport, using credit cards overseas, or withdrawing cash from the ATM… Only to find a local money changer down the road that offers far better rates, and could have saved you additional travel currency, inclusive of hidden intermediary banking fees! 

Doesn’t all this give you additional unwanted stress, especially when going on your first vacation/trip? Psychological stress can cause your blood pressure to go up abnormally, this condition is commonly referred to as hypertension. High stress levels can temporarily increase blood pressure but if you have factors like age, family history, lifestyle against you, you can be prone to it staying with you permanently. So to avoid such instances, we suggest you read the entire article and find out how you can easily plan your trip at peace.

A crucial (oft-underestimated) part of smart trip planning stems from the very source: the gateway of currency exchange. And nobody likes to kickstart their travels on a sour note and deal with the stressful feeling of being shortchanged, especially when budget is key to making the most of one's travel plans. This is where CurrenSeek comes in, with the aim of helping travelers make fair, safe and informed exchanges—minus the pressure.

Just how much you pain could you save from using CurrenSeek app? Read on.

Pre-order your currency online. Travel with peace of mind.

With CurrenSeek’s help, you can save up to 20 to 30 percent of your travel cash just by engaging the right money exchange service. (Read more about the company's on ground research validation of their claim here and here.) The app platform connects you directly with local money changers who project their daily updated best rates via the app.


Once you launch the app, you'll see a map of the money changers around you and their on-ground rates, including a disparity counter that calculates the difference in percentage between the highest and lowest rates, so you'll know just how much you can save! Pre-ordering your currency online might even get you better and more personalised rates, depending on the amount you wish to exchange. The higher the exchange amount, the more you could save.

All you’ll need is an Internet connection or access to WiFi. Sure beats the hassle of towing all your luggage around and walking around an airport in a foreign land hunting for a good deal, right? And once you lock down a money changer and arrange for a collection time, CurrenSeek’s navigational features will come in handy to help you find your way.


Lock down your currency in advance to protect your cash from market fluctuations

With the Ringgit weakening significantly last year, Malaysians are naturally concerned about how this will affect their outbound travel plans, where currency is concerned. With CurrenSeek, you can 'Set Alerts' within the app so you’ll be the first to know when rates dip in your favour, and you can also reserve offers directly with money changers. Right now, CurrenSeek lists almost 200 money changers in Malaysia, including some located at both terminals of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Plan ahead and avoid 'stock unavailability'

Those who like to plan their holidays in advance are certain to appreciate being able to set alerts to guarantee good rates, reserve the best deals and arrange for the best possible collection time. You'll further be avoiding situations where you travel all the way to your money changer only to find there's no stock available.


Support local businesses

The CurrenSeek team has made an active effort to collaborate with licensed money changers that are independent and/or family-run, who may not have as much of an online presence as bigger organizations. This increased visibility has many benefits, not just for the money changers themselves but for you too. This means you as a customer will be contributing to the local economy in the country of your visitation, and can confidently know you're dealing with honest legal businesses.

Enjoy exciting Travel Offers and Rewards after you complete your exchanges!

Beyond collaborating with local money changers, CurrenSeek has also partnered up with regional travel players to bring you travel rewards once you've pre-ordered currency using the app. Not only will you get good rates, but also additional travel savings to enjoy on your next trip! Offers include free travel insurance by Tune Protect, discounted rides by Grab, free data roaming by Flexiroam, and more to come. (Terms and conditions apply.)

The next time you’re planning a holiday for yourself or your loved ones, you can rest assured that with apps like CurrenSeek and GetDoc around, you will be both financially and physically fit for travel. For more information on CurrenSeek and to learn how to find the best exchange rates, head over to the official CurrenSeek website!

What did Jeremy do next? Read the second part of this article here.


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