What We Can Learn From The Indian Movie Baahubali About Fitness!

The entire world is swooning over the actors featured in the Indian film called Baahubali (Part 2). Have you heard about the movie from your friends yet? A lot of things in the movie are computer graphics, so one journalist wanted to know if the lead actors’ physique was also computer-generated graphics! Well, to all our relief, the lead actors’ physique has been sculpted thanks to a rigorous fitness regimen.

What lessons can we learn about fitness from this mega blockbuster that ranked 3rd in the first week after its release in the US, a first for any Indian movie? The movie sent cash registers ringing in Malaysia & Singapore as well with people from various nationalities watching the magnum opus in theatres.

Here are some tips that the trainer Kunal Gir who trained the leading men Prabhas and Rana Daggubatti, shared in an interview with an Indian newspaper. Please note while you might not get the exact physique that the actors have, you can surely take a few pointers from this trainer.

No Pain No Gain

To get to an ideal physique, you need to plan your workout. If you want to be strong at the end of the day, you need to bear the pain associated with the workouts. This pain is good, so let it not deter you!

Relentless effort & Regimen

Relentless Effort

When watching all those shots on the screen where you see the actors flaunting their chiselled bodies, you wonder how it can be possible. Well, it is. Body/Muscle building doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of effort and have to keep at it relentlessly.

Stamina Building

Looking fit and being fit are entirely different things. One may be slim, but not fit. Fitness comes out of being extremely strong. For someone to lift 100kg weight off the floor, you need to have a lot of strength. Once you start doing that, your stamina automatically starts improving. Body building is just not about what the body looks like, it is also about what your body can do.
Kunal recommends sprinting; he suggests people run like we used to run in school.  Doing these small things every other day will dramatically improve stamina.

Lose that flab

Most people try to lose fat in specific areas say arms, hips or thighs. This is a misconception, Fat reduction is not possible and that fat belongs to the entire body rather than a specific area. Even if you do exercises, fats remain where they are even if muscles are working. Only when you diet, you restrict the energy to calories, and that’s how the body burns fat.
The location of fat varies from person to person; there is a genetic link to where it is located. This is something that is not in your hands since it is genetically reprogrammed. Fat storage in women occurs in arms and hips whereas in men it is stored in the tummy. Location of stored fats is irrelevant because we can’t do anything about it other than following a good diet.

You are what you eat

The trainer recommends everyone to eat vegetables and proteins. He says milk proteins are a must for every human being. Proteins and vegetables are important for everyone irrespective of the fact whether you want to be a body builder or not. The absence of disease doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit and healthy. In fact it is incorrect and that you are merely following a diet that is keeping you alive. It is very important to be fit, both physically and mentally. Including vegetables and proteins in good amounts in your diet can solve all health issues.

baahubali fitness

Eat healthy

Kunal, the trainer’s funda is simple – He advocates this rule – Not to eat anything that comes from a packet. If it is artificially prepared, then you shouldn’t be consuming it. He says you will be a lot healthier if you follow this funda and bring the change to your lifestyle. Makes sense, right?”

 We hope you can take some input from this and incorporate in your life as well, so you can take a step towards getting fit. Take the initiative to speak to a fitness instructor and set your goals to get fit sooner rather than later



Indian Express 


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