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Life predetermined over stars and superstitions

Being brought up in a traditional Chinese family, my family does have a knack for believing in several traditional superstitions. By their logic, the position of your house; furniture, doors, windows and even your birthdate seems to have a say when it comes to determining if your life would be prosperous or doomed to eternal suffering. They also have several other superstitions on how the length of your fingers, the lines on your palm or even the hair growth patterns would represent the person you are. Perhaps for someone like me who was brought up by the teachings of sciences would rather resolve to logical reasoning. It’s not that I do not believe in spiritual powers, I’m just shifting more towards a more concrete form of explanation for what occurs in my life.

Even my parents once brought me to see a Feng Shui master; just hour before signing up for my degree major. My parents ended up asking me to reconsider my choice to switch into Finances because my element doesn’t suit Marketing. I mean, I’m alright with your beliefs as long as you do not push it on my face. It seems like my future has already been decided by the time I entered this world, which I find a little redundant to even begin with.

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My friends on the other hand have some sort of obsession with astrology. I find that the astrological predictions on the internet are inaccurate because you can literally suit the descriptions of other predications to yours as well. Honestly these so-called astrological “facts” can be applied to anyone due to how general the claims can be. For example, Capricorns are claimed to be stubborn; what if I’m a Virgo and I am stubborn as well? That’s not how it works, right?

Blood groups have more logical reasoning to prove its legitimacy

So you may ask, what do I believe instead? I would say blood groups. Blood groups, yes. Although similarly to Feng Shui and Astrology where there isn’t a proven correlation with our characteristics, I think it makes more sense. This is because blood groups represent the different composition of a person’s red blood cell. These compositions will then determine the quantity and type of hormones which will be released thus affecting our behaviour and characteristics. This sounded more ‘real’ than the position of the stars, in my opinion.

Predictions on characteristics based on blood groups are a very famous thing within the Japanese culture and I still do see it being mentioned from time to time as I indulge in my dose of Korean broadcasts. In Japan, blood group categorization is known as ‘ketsueki-gata’. Tokeji Fukurawa, a Japanese professor claimed that individual blood types reflect on the personalities of those who possessed them back in 1930. These blood groups consist of A, B, AB and O.  Since then, this culture became a household thing within the culture where there are actually horoscopes, television and newspaper started offering contents related to blood types and personality. The hype goes as far as even setting up matchmaking services to find future spouses based on the compatibility of the blood groups.

On the other hand, South Koreans (on television, from my experience) occasionally address their personality just by announcing their blood group instead of going lengthy about describing what type of person they are. There is also a popular comic series called RealCrazyMan (the link directs to you a site that translates the Korean captions) drawn by a Korean artist which depicts different blood groups in different situations.

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What does your blood group say about you?

Further extensive researches have been done to also reveal the different patterns of a person’s health. Scientists have been constantly trying to find a link on your blood group with certain diseases. Most of these conclusions are generated based on the antigen compositions in your blood. To make your reading less intensive, I’d group some informational facts you might find interesting in the form of a table instead:

Blood GroupABABO
Positive characteristicsPerfectionist







Strong willed

Negative characteristicsObsessed








Famous people with similar blood groupAdolf Hitler

Britney Spears

Ayumi Hamasaki
Leonardo DiCaprio

Paul McCartney

Jack Nicholson
Park Bom

Marilyn Monroe

Jackie Chan
Queen Elizabeth II

Elvis Presley

John Lennon
Health risksHigher risks of developing stomach cancer and heart diseasesHigher risk of developing ovarian cancerMore likelihood of facing cognitive difficulties such as language, memoryMore likelihood to get ulcers and rupture your Achilles tendons

Of course, this isn’t entirely a standardized representation of how we act or behaves; just take it with a grain of salt. So what do you think of this topic? Do you find a similar correlation of the characteristics as categorized by your blood group? Do let me know!

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