Get to Know – Dr. Ian Tan, Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya


As we wait in the plush clinic of Dr. Anna Hoo, a very pleasant looking young man greets us, we find out he is Dr. Ian Tan. A very friendly and charming Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya (who wouldn’t want to get themselves treated from someone like that haha)

GetDoc: Hello Dr. Ian, Thank you very much for agreeing to talk to us. Tell us all about how you started off on your career?

Dr Ian: It is my pleasure… I am from Alor Setar, Kedah, like Dr. William. I finished my studies from USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia), and obviously we were classmates (laughs). I began my housemanship in Kedah and eventually ended up in orthopaedics. About 2 years back, Dr. William asked me to join him in this clinic. So I completed a training/course in Aesthetic medicine and here I am!

GetDoc: What made you shift specialisation areas from Ortho to Aesthetic medicine? Was it some incident or a patient?

Dr Ian: Actually, a patient (laughs). I was treating a teenager (a 13-year-old girl) who had a bad fall and I had to operate on her knee. Orthopaedic surgeons are more concerned about function than aesthetics, unlike Aesthetic/skin doctors. We would just concentrate more on fixing the broken bones and open wounds. If patient does need some aesthetic correction, we would refer him or her to a plastic surgeon. This girl worriedly asked me if her leg will end up looking ugly after the surgery. Being a girl, she was wary of prominent scars, well specifically if she was able to wear skirts in future. I reassured her saying I will do my best but she really got me thinking. About the same time, I also received a call from Dr. William Hoo. The rest, as they say, is history.


GetDoc: What services do you offer at Anna Hoo Clinic?

Dr Ian: We are looking to expand our services - each doctor here at Anna Hoo Clinic is trained to master a specific expertise. For instance, I specialise in laser and hair loss treatment. In the near future, I would like to explore into hair transplant treatment.

GetDoc: What is the philosophy you follow while treating patients?

Dr Ian: Aesthetic treatment is done holistically here at Anna Hoo clinic. So we don’t just treat the patient’s complaint. We also advise them on healthy and wholesome regimens – involving diet, supplement and exercise. What kind of diet to follow, what is good for the body, what physical activity schedule to follow etc. A healthy body is often reflected on the exterior. Being healthy inside will also enable the effects of certain treatments, like Botox, to last longer ;)

Eat well, sleep well, take necessary supplements and practice adequate physical activity – if all these are part of your daily regimen, you need not see me so often!

GetDoc: Have you had any challenging moments to deal with after you shifted to aesthetic medicine?

Dr Ian: Awareness on aesthetic medicine among patients is rather lacking, although that is gradually improving. Patients are ill-informed on where to seek treatment, which injectable to use, safety of treatment procedure or products used– something of great concern I would say. People tend to opt for the “quick and easy” treatments done at beauty parlours and salons, instead of approaching a trained and qualified professional.



Dr. Ian Tan, a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya, answering questions from GetDoc team

GetDoc: Now, you say that awareness among public is less and it is increasing, how do you educate the public?

Dr Ian: As part of our efforts to raise awareness, we at Anna Hoo Clinic, have dedicated a day, every month for training, not only for our staff but the general public as well.  We also have plans to conduct public forums to benefit the public.

GetDoc: What would be your advice to people who would like to take aesthetic treatment but are a bit doubtful of how it would turn out to be?

Dr Ian: Visits to doctors are generally nerve-wrecking, this is certainly not limited to aesthetic medicine. Personally, I would try to reduce their anxiety by describing the procedure they might be undergoing, usually tailored according to their complaints – complete with all the risks and complications. If the patient is satisfied with the explanation, then we will proceed. We also try to tamp down on unrealistic expectations, following which we might end up losing the patient’s faith and trust.

Dr. Ian Tan, young and enthusiastic doctor

Dr. Ian Tan, young and enthusiastic Medical Aesthetic Practitioner you can find in town!

GetDoc: What has been the most satisfying thing about your profession?

Dr Ian: When I am able to treat a patient, to his or her satisfaction, even a simple “thank you” is very satisfying – happy patients make happy doctors!

GetDoc: And finally, something about yourself, something we don’t know about – how do you unwind in the weekends?

Dr Ian: If I have more time, I would love to travel. I also love playing badminton but since I am new here in Klang Valley, I haven’t found people to play with. So for now, it is just me and my wife who plays once in a while.

There, you have it, from the horse’s mouth – Dr. Ian Tan, a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya.
You can consult Dr. Ian Tan, a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya if you are facing skin problems, or you want aesthetic treatments such as laser, hair transplant, hair loss treatment.

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