Get to Know Your Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama – Dr. Jeswender Singh


In the bustling neighbourhood of Damansara Utama (or Uptown), lies a temple of beauty, where you can come with your wish, and get it fulfilled by this doctor who is known for his passion for aesthetics. We are fortunate enough to get to know more about this Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama for whom his job has become more of a love, a passion. 

GetDoc: Dr. Jeswender, thank you for this meeting. Can you tell us about your interest in Aesthetic Medicine?

Dr. Jeswender: Aesthetic Medicine was rather new in Malaysia back then. At that time, Aesthetic Medicine was not available to all; there was no awareness for this specialty (aesthetic medicine). I was contemplating about this and I told myself that, as a medically trained professional, I have to do something different and new. There is a time in your life, when you know you want to be at where you love the most, because that’s when you can give the most out to society, to people and to yourself. That is when you justify your life on this, with very good purpose.

Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama

Dr. Jeswender Singh shared with us his passion and love for the work he has done on his patients.

GetDoc: Can you tell us a little bit about your medical background?

Dr. Jeswender: I completed my MBBS from Mysore University, and then I went on to pursue my Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University and then a Double Diploma in Aesthetics from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. I have also studied Cell Therapy with the International Association for Organotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation, Switzerland

I have been practising medicine for 30 years, and Aesthetic Medicine for 20 years. I constantly keep myself updated with the latest technology and techniques by travelling to and exploring places like United States, Rome, Paris, Korea.


GetDoc: Other than consulting patients, we understand that you are also an experienced trainer; can you elaborate more on that?

Dr. Jeswender: Yes, I give training both locally and overseas. I specialize in Asian skin type and laser aesthetics training. I give laser training for skin and beauty on regular basis.

To come this far, I have gone through rigorous training in countries such as South Korea. They have the latest advanced technology as beauty has become a norm in South Korea; their industry is much more matured than Malaysia.


GetDoc: Can you tell us more on the services that you provide here at Dermalaze Skin and Laser Centre?

Dr. Jeswender: Dermlaze is a one stop centre for patient’s skin and beauty needs. You can call it a temple of beauty, where you come with your wish; we will try to fulfil it. A simple touch can create a magic in your looks.

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from laser treatments for the skin, body contouring and facial rejuvenation to hair transplants. We also offer programmes like weight loss and anti-aging programme. From simple procedure like pimples, hair removal to tightening, sculpturing, we help patients to achieve their goals.

We offer A to Z cosmetic procedure, with FDA approved standards. We want to be a place to give people authentic work, grade A products with full trust, full consciousness.

Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama

Dr Jeswender Singh is the mastermind behind his brainchild, Dermlaze Skin Laser Clinic. It is temple of beauty where customer can walk in with any wish, and they will try to fulfill it.

GetDoc: Can you describe any particular case that you have worked on?

Dr. Jeswender: Ok, take for example a young girl, if she is not satisfied with her flat nose or broad jaw, I can just change the dimension to make her look prettier with non-invasive procedure which only takes half an hour, one session.

For those who wish to remove sagging skin and wrinkles, they can go for non-surgical work which is commonly done. They look like themselves but 5 – 10 years younger.

For those who want double eyelid, chin enhancement, V shape on face, permanent hair removal, we also provide those services.

For those who find it is so messy to always wax leg always, they can do laser and get permanent results.

For those who are a little bit obese and wish to wear nice clothes, we can provide simple day care body sculpturing.


GetDoc: I think the procedures not only help the patients physically, but mentally as well.

Dr. Jeswender: Yes, when people have better self-esteem and confidence, they can become more successful.


GetDoc: What is your approach when it comes to patients?

Dr. Jeswender: I will start with a one-on-one consultation with the patient before a procedure is performed.

I will guide them step by step on what can be done realistically before they can make any decision. I work on very systematic, realistic way. The idea of aesthetic medicine is to deliver something more realistic. We will communicate with patients and work on a realistic plan.

Patients who come in have already taken their first step towards making a long-term investment in themselves. Hence, to deliver authentic work to my patients, I also invest a lot in the latest, most sophisticated laser technology machines to make sure I deliver the best to them.

Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama

Dr Jeswender is assisted by his lovely assistants.

GetDoc: Doctor, if you have to give advice to a patient who is interested in taking up aesthetic treatment, what would it be?

Dr. Jeswender: If you want to get aesthetic treatment, you must be at an accredited centre having a properly trained doctor. I have seen a lot of mismanagement cases. I will advise and provide as much help as I can for those cases as it is risky to reverse what has been done, there are limitations - for example, removing silicone in nose and chin may cause deformities. Hence I would strongly encourage patients to choose correctly from the beginning.

Beauty salons can do pampering and spa work which they are entitled to do, however aesthetic treatments should be left to Aesthetic Medicine practitioners. Currently in Malaysia there is no strong regulation or enforcements like in Singapore and not many people are aware of this.


GetDoc: The market is getting more competitive, how do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Dr. Jeswender: It is always my passion to be in this field, and that fuels my constant strive for excellence. I will swim against the current. I think it’s important to enjoy what you do, that’s when you don’t take it as a job, and you can deliver the best to your customers.

At Dermlaze, customers can go to the limit where they can accompany a friend to see how our work is being done. Market now is very confused with advertisements being thrown to them, so we focus working on references.


GetDoc: How did you overcome your biggest challenge?

Dr. Jeswender: One must have strong faith and trust in their field, because you have done your best as a human being. It is with that kind of spirit, we could take less for more. People often go into business because they said business can make money, but I think they got the sequence wrong. If you haven’t gotten the skills and idea of this profession, you will just be thinking about dollars and cents. There is a huge difference in the purpose in which you are doing something.

Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama

Visit Dr Jeswender should you need any consultation on Aesthetic Medicine. It is located at Damansara Utama!

GetDoc: We can see you persevere a lot; we can imagine it is very hard for you to survive all these challenges.

Dr. Jeswender: It’s true. Looking back, it was quite a risky move that I took but I have no regrets. Now I am consultant and also trainer in this industry because I have equipped myself with necessary skills, knowledge and experience. Aesthetic Medicine Physician in Damansara Utama

GetDoc: Doctor, last question before we wrap up, how do you unwind yourself from the stress at work?

Dr. Jeswender: I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise, yoga regularly and having proper diet.  Other than that, I do enjoy quality family time. Sunday is definitely a day off for me to unwind.

To know more about Dr Jeswender, kindly check here

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