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As we enter the plush clinic of Dr Anna Hoo, the Anna Hoo Wellness Clinic, we are greeted by Dr William in his room. A very studious looking professional, who slowly opened up to us during the course of the interview. Read more to find out more about your friendly aesthetic doctor, Dr William Hoo.


GetDoc: Hello Dr William, Thanks a lot for having us over. Let us start from the beginning – Where are you from, where did you study?

Dr. William: I started my professional career in Alor Setar after acquiring the title of M.D. from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2006. I spent years honing my skills at various medical and surgical department in Hospital Alor Setar (Currently called Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah) before I offer my services to the public in various rural and urban health clinic.  Currently I am a Life member of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), committee member of Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM).

GetDoc-Dr.William Hoo-aesthetic-medicine-doctor-in-petaling-jaya-aesthetic

Dr. William Hoo, sharing his thought on Aesthetic Medicine with GetDoc team

GetDoc: What inspired you to study medicine and especially aesthetic medicine?

Dr. William:  My venture into aesthetic medicine was unplanned. During my years of serving in various health clinic in rural as well as urban areas, I found that many people, men and women alike are troubled by skin problems such as pigmented disorder, hair loss, and premature aging. It may sound bizarre to some, but there problems are definitely not skin deep. Many people have low self esteem and lost confidence in themselves. This affects not only their career abut also their day to day life.

I joined Anna Hoo Clinic, which paved the way to continue my interest in various non surgical forms of aesthetic treatments, including laser, light and radio frequency treatments, injectables like dermal filler, botulinum toxin A and chemical peeling.


GetDoc: How has the journey been so far? Are people are more aware today about aesthetic medicine?

Dr. William: Many people still lacks of the correct information about aesthetic medicine. People need to know about aesthetic medicine, what treatments are available, how they are done and the potential complications may be so that they can make informed decisions.


Dr. William Hoo, Aesthetic Doctor in Petaling Jaya

Dr. William Hoo, believes Aesthetic Medicine is more than just science, it is also an art

GetDoc: What have been your challenges and how did you overcome them?

Dr. William: Safety is of utmost important. Safe place, safe products and safe doctors are the key to safe aesthetic medicine practice. I feel sad whenever I hear news about someone jumping blindly into beauty treatment and ending up risking their health and even their life, let alone their beauty. To provide a better and safer service to my patient I furthered my studies with a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) in 2011, become a assistant trainer in certain courses organised by AAAM, obtained a post graduate certificate in Primary Care Dermatology in 2012.


GetDoc: What are the services that you provide?

Dr. William: Botulinum toxin A and dermal filler injections, chemical peels, thread lift, lasers, light and radio frequency treatments are all a part of my services. My special interest is treatment of scars (esp acne scars) with combination treatments of laser, micro needling radio frequency and fillers.


GetDoc: What is your clinic’s philosophy?

Dr. William: Our clinic mantra is making Holistic Wellness and aesthetic Medical Care, the heart of great living for our patient. We believe that the best way to achieve optimal health is to find ways to maintaining optimal health and improving what is not yet there. This can only be achieved by recognising that all patients are unique individuals and holistic care can be achieved by non-stereotyped care and that patients are to be treated as a whole - physically and psychologically. The care is then delivered via scientifically proven ways to give the best result to our patients. Aesthetic medicine is more than just evidence based science, it is also an art.


GetDoc: What makes you, your clinic different from the rest?

Dr. William:  I believe in “Natural approach to overall beautification”. I do not just remove crow’s feet’s wrinkles or just sharpen the chin. The upper, middle, lower face and everything else should be in Harmony. We individualise treatments using a combination of different techniques to achieve desired results without changing a person’s key facial features. We do not want to isolate a person from his or her community. We do not want to remove a person’s identity too. We don't want to make a Malaysian looked like a Korean, or a Caucasian, for example.


Dr. William Hoo, Aesthetic Doctor in Petaling Jaya

Dr. William also believes in natural approach to overall beautification


GetDoc: Has the numbers wishing to try aesthetic medicine increased since you started this clinic?

Dr. William: Yes, people are more aware about the aesthetic medicine treatments and willing to try on aesthetic treatments which are evidenced based.


GetDoc: There are quite a few people who wish to try aesthetic treatment but are reluctant to try. Do you have anything to tell them?

Dr. William: Safety still the priority in any aesthetic treatment consideration. Make sure you get a safe place, safe products, safe doctor and have a safe aesthetic treatment to reduce or minimise the risk of getting any unwanted complications. You may do this via doing researches on various information of aesthetic treatments, or even can seek a second opinion from another aesthetic doctor for your better understanding before you decide.


Anna Hoo Clinic

You may visit Dr. William Hoo in Anna Hoo Clinic which located in 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint

GetDoc: What are your hobbies? How do you unwind yourself?

Dr. William: I like to play badminton and taking photos. I do have a Shiba Inu fur daughter which I enjoy my walks with her everyday.

 To know more about Dr William Hoo, kindly check here

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