Acne Treatments for Students


Student prices for acne treatments now available at ALL Dr Ko's clinics, courtesy of GetDoc!

Dare to Bare Your Skin?

Tired of having painful acne ruining a good hair day? Do you admire the bright, clear, radiant skin that your favourite actor or actress have? Facial masks not working to your expectations? Well, good news for students!

It is high time for you to get the best value for your money especially as a student. Dr. Ko is here to help you get to where you want to be without having to cut into your pockets.

Presenting the new price bundles for acne treatments!

As long as you are a student with an NRIC (if you are aged between 13-17) or have a valid student ID (if you are aged 18 and above), these special prices will be applicable to you!

GetDoc_Dr Ko Acne Treatment Packages

Feel awkward going for these treatments by yourself? Go ahead and grab a friend who can benefit from these treatments to come with you! Under the ‘Refer a Friend’ program, you can receive a RM30 rebate for each friend referred!

GetDoc_Dr Ko refer a friend

How to Get This Awesome Deal?

GetDoc_Steps to Get Deals

  1. Download GetDoc from Apple app store or Google Play Store.

  2. Register as a user.

  3. Go to "Invite Friends" and look for your unique Code.

  4. Insert your unique Code in the form below.


Acne Treatment Specifically for Student

  • Go to "Invite Friends" in the left panel of the GetDoc app and look for your unique Code.

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