Can the older generation take charge of their own state of health safely?
How can we achieve a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy working life?
Can we acquire the healthcare when it is needed?

Our Story

The questions above are the questions that weigh heavily on the minds of many concerned individuals¬†that face a chasm that separates them from achieving the healthcare they need for themselves and for their ageing loved ones in their busy lives. Through Jireh Group’s brands, GetDoc and Hippo, Jireh Group strives to bridge that chasm, providing the needed solutions.

Jireh group consists of committed, passionate and driven multidisciplinary professionals who recognise how important it should be for people to be in charge of managing their own health.

Founded with the aim of empowering everyone to manage your own healthcare, and provide a way to help monitor ageing loved ones, we share one common vision:

“To add value and enrich lives through mobility solutions and deliver better healthcare experience.”

We do this by designing innovative, people-friendly, cutting edge, internet-enabled personal healthcare devices and mobile applications that connect to the cloud – so that these products can help more people to monitor their own state of health independently and conscientiously.

The notion of health pervades all areas of our company. Making the most of Innovation, Technology and Design, Jireh Group develops smart products, apps and experiences that fit seamlessly into any lifestyle and lets you track what is relevant so you can achieve your fitness goals, improve your everyday well-being, and aim for better long term health.

We are not superheroes. Only some of us run marathons, but we want to take care of ourselves without having to stop eating our favourite food and relying on others.

We believe you share the same goal with us, too.
With Jireh Group, we bring health and happiness.