8 Fascinating Facts about Saliva


Every single part of our body has its own specific function to carry out. We may already know the function of our eyes, ears, mouth and so on.  Today let us have a look at the body fluid - saliva; how many of us are actually aware of the functions of saliva? We bet very few of us know its actual function. Let’s check out some of its roles to gain some insight into this wonder fluid.

Saliva production has to be balanced, in some cases there can be excessive production or too little saliva produced. Let us go through these two conditions.

What happens if there is too less of saliva secretion?

A few diseases and medications may affect the amount of saliva secreted in the mouth. If there is less saliva produced, the mouth can be a bit dry and this is called Xerostomia or Dry Mouth. This leads to the tongue, gums and other mouth tissues to swell and make it uncomfortable for you. In such a situation, germs/microbes can thrive and this results in bad breath.

Some other resulting conditions include rapid tooth decay, gum disease. This is because saliva helps remove food particles from the teeth and also reduces the risk of cavities.

How can this condition be rectified?

You can try the following to keep salivary glands healthy.

  • Drink lots of water

  • You can chew sugar-free chewing gum

  • Also can suck candy (sugar-free)

If it still persists, consult your dentist or doctor.


Now what will happen if there is excessive saliva production?

Excessive saliva is usually something that you need not worry about, but you need to consult with your physician if it persists and causes you to be uncomfortable. The body usually ensures the amount of saliva in the body by swallowing more if excess is produced.

The mouth can produce more saliva if:

  • One or more salivary glands is on an overdrive

  • You have problem in swallowing

It is normal for over-production when we eat spicy foods. The taste buds play a role in determining the amount of saliva produced. If this excess production of saliva is causing uneasiness or bothering you, you could try changing your diet or consult your physician.



Infographic on Saliva


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