7 Common Myths about Drinking


It is the festive season and coupled with my previous article about drinking responsibly, I would like to share a little bit more with you guys in this simple list of common misconceptions of alcohol consumption. You may have heard a lot of things from your family members and friends but I'm here to set the records straight! Here goes….

 1. Eating More Food Lets Me Drink More

Yes, to some extent, eating does indeed help by slowing down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. However this theory is only applicable to those drinking in small and moderate amounts. If you are planning to go all out this festive season, keep in mind that eating a lot before and while drinking need not be the only parameter that lets you consume more alcohol.

 2.  Drinking Coffee Helps Me Sober Up Faster

Caffeine may make you more alert but it does not actually affect the way in which alcohol is metabolized or how it affects the body along the lines of coordination, reaction time and judgement. Unfortunately, the ONLY way to truly sober up is by waiting. Time is your best friend here!

 3. Energy Drinks Help

Nope. This one here is downright false. In fact, they may even worsen your condition as the caffeine content could possibly lead to adverse effects like higher blood pressure and increased heart rate.

 4. Medication Does Not Affect Drinking

You could not be more wrong here. Sadly, almost all of the over-the-counter drugs and prescription medication interact with alcohol in one way or another to produce undesirable effects. In fact, mixing these two up could even decrease the effectiveness or even render drugs taken, useless.


 5. Smoking and Drinking Simultaneously Is Okay

Yeah, it is okay… if you want a sure-fire way of eventually being diagnosed with digestive tract cancer! Don't ever combine them together - even if it is just occasional. This really is not worth it.

6. I Can Drink Any Amount and Feel Okay Come Morning

I wish this were true, but again, this all depends highly on how much is it that you drink. As mentioned in my previous article, the body can only metabolize 10-12g of alcohol per hour. Meaning that the more you drink, the longer it is going to take for you to sober up or get rid of that hangover.

 7. Alcohol Enhances One’s Sexual Performance

While alcohol consumption can boost your confidence levels, making you less shy and more outgoing, too much alcohol unfortunately reduces your sexual ability quite significantly and even plummets a woman’s fertility rate.

How much is too much you ask? Well more is explained in my article to which the link is right here . Feel free to comment right below on more myths you have found to be busted and also to let me know if I'm wrong as well! I'm really open to constructive criticism so long as we all learn something :D Cheers and Happy Lunar New Year to those celebrating!


by Thiiban

Ambiverted thinker with a big heart and big dreams. Chronically clumsy but always emotionally aware. I truly believe that with every great opportunity comes great responsibility to do great things. View all articles by Thiiban.


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