7 Coffee Myths and Facts You Sould Be Aware Of


Coffee is such a celebrated product around the world. It is loved by almost every worker and can be used to make all kinds of drinks in accordance with your taste buds. Sweet, bitter or creamy, it's something we all like one way or another. I know I love mine robust and bitter. I tend to like it without any added sugar or creamer. What about you? Chances are, you love your java too, hence, shouldn’t you know more about what you ingest at least 2 times a day? Let’s go through some of the scientifically proven facts of coffee and how it affects us alongside debunking some infamous myths.

1. Coffee Has No Fat In It

MYTH! Brewed espresso typically contains around 2.5% of fat and filtered coffee contains less than 1%. The only thing that would really spike up the fat content in your caffeinated drink is the addition of full cream milk or any milk, really. It is suggested that you avoid condensed milk types and also powdered types that are full of added sugar.

2.  Coffee Is A Quick Stimulant

MYTH! The caffeine in this drink tends to take full effect upon entering the bloodstream only 30 minutes after having been consumed. It also happens to remain and have effect for several hours.

3.  Coffee Can Make You More Mentally Alert

FACT! Caffeine has shown to actually boost up the speed at which information is processed by the human mind by a whole 10%! This can be especially helpful to those attempting to avoid a lack of concentration just after lunch. Studies show that a cup of coffee can counteract that effect.

4.  Coffee Can Be Used For Beautifying Purposes

FACT! The antioxidant properties in coffee help reduce wrinkle formation and also improve overall skin complexion. The Japanese have long been known for taking coffee based baths in an attempt to fight the aging of skin.


Credit : Aeldia

5.  Coffee Can Cause Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

MYTH! Although new coffee drinkers will show a slight spike in blood pressure readings, regular coffee drinkers will tend to show steady readings of blood pressure similar to that of non-coffee drinkers.

6.  Drinking Coffee Helps In Weight Loss

FACT! The caffeine in a cup of joe has shown to increase metabolism and also rate of fat breakdown in the body. Although it is a small increase, nutritionists believe that there may still be some observable benefits in regard to this aspect.

7.  Coffee Makes You More Physically Active

FACT! Coffee is thought to act as a stimulant that increases brain activity and productivity for a period of time but long term effects are questionable.

Now you know! This beloved drink has its drawbacks but is still a wonderful drink to consume as long as done so moderately :D

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