Being tiny has its perks! Many people including myself are generally a little ungrateful (initially), and at some point in life we wish that we’re 2 inches taller (or maybe 3, I’m not ‘greedy’ at all). There are a lot of instances where I’d wish that I could be taller, so tasks like grabbing things from a higher place would be easier, or I could rest my arms on my friend’s shoulder instead of becoming his personal armrest. Sometimes I’d sneak in two or three pieces of insoles in my shoes, considering how heels are not a man’s option.

But hey, let’s not get too upset over being short. In fact, let’s look at it from a different light. There are so many benefits of being fun-sized!


  1. Leg room on transportation are no issue!

I guess when you’re on the cuter size of height; you fit in easily in compact spaces. Unlike your massively huge friends, you will find comfort in fitting in the spaces in buses, planes or car easily. Not only that, you can curl about smaller spaces just fine like seats in the cinema.


  1. You make people want to protect you

kim kardashian kris humpries tall short couple

Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Kris Humphries. Image courtesy of http://cdn.posh24.com/images/:complete/p/1911007/l/celebrity_couples/10_celebrity_couples_with_huge_height_differences.jpg

Let’s face it; being tiny at some point will evoke protective instincts from other people. You may appear to be small and frail; people would even perceive you as their little brother/sister! At the end of the day it makes it easier for you to ask favours from people.


  1. You get to stand in (or out)

Being fun-sized is good for both situations. If you feel like hiding or blending in on slower days, you can easily ninja your way among people and not be seen. On the other hand, being the only one with the outstanding high makes you stand out among your other friends in photos.


  1. You will look young forever

sandara park 2ne1 tiny short

Tiny Sandara Park of 2NE1 who looks younger than her age -- she's actually 32! Image courtesy of http://www.kpopmagazin.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/10145402.jpg

Just take actors for example. You could possibly be a 34-year old Stokard Channing playing for an 18-year-old in a 1978 movie called Grease and nobody will even notice the difference in age! This is no magic at all!


  1. You’ll always be underestimated; which is perfectly fine!

Being underestimated is actually a good thing. That means people generally set a low standard on what they would expect from you. And then this is where you spring in with your abilities, which will get them surprised as it exceeds what they would expect you to do for them. Pretty cool, right?

As the saying goes, big things do come in small packages. They don’t call short people ‘fun-sized’ for no reason. We might me a little tiny but we can pack a punch when you least expect it!

Nicky Lee

by Nicky Lee

Your typical neighbourhood ah pek who roams on the internet to satisfy his curiosity. Bold. Loud. Talkative. View all articles by Nicky Lee.


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