20dB Hearing Aid Take Home Trial


Try the hearing aid for 20 days to see if it works perfectly in your day to day life, with no risk and no commitment!

Ever wonder how can you make sure the hearing aid you purchase is suitable to you? Now you can with 20dB's Hearing Aid Take Home Trial! If you are not happy with the results, you can return them, walk away and owe nothing. The hearing aids for this free trial will be programmed appropriately according to your hearing level and needs. This take home trial will give you chance to experience the benefits of hearing aids in different listening situation and assess its performance.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Place a security deposit of RM600 and it is FULLY REFUNDABLE if you decided not to purchase

  2. The offer is applicable to all 20dB Brand BTE/RIC hearing aids (V series RIC, V Series BTE and V400 SP) http://www.20dbhearing.com/product-category/20db-brand/

  3. Offer will be valid until 30th June 2017


How to Get This Awesome Deal?

GetDoc_Steps to Get Deals

  1. Download GetDoc from Apple app store or Google Play Store.
    Android: http://bit.ly/GetDocPlayStore
    iOS: http://bit.ly/GetDociOS

  2. Register as a user.

  3. Go to "Invite Friends" and look for your unique Code.

  4. Select a branch and Insert your unique Code in the form below.


20dB Hearing Aid - Take Home Trial Registration Form

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